Ghost Tour Guest Post on CheapOair

A while back Aldo Singer, a travel blogger for CheapOair, asked if I'd be interested in contributing a guest blog to the Wordpress blog. I asked if I could gear it towards paranormal tourism, and he said that sounded like a great idea. So, I finally worked something up. For those

The Dark Side of the Ghost Hunters Effect

A while back I wrote about the Ghost Hunters effect being an Oprah-esque boon for paranormal tourism. Ghost Hunters has certainly sparked the imaginations of the masses. Smart non-profits found a way to cash in on that by offering ghost hunts to help supplement their revenue streams. However, during my talk

Super Light for Spectral Detection

Confession -- it's all about the day. Sunny day, everything is sharp. Cloudy day, everything is movie-set atmospheric. Either way, we win. Another confession -- It was this time of year when I got hooked on researching Wisconsin haunts. Night time chill didn't matter because we went

Has Ghost Hunters Jumped the Shark?

I admit up front -- it could be just me.  I could be going through a seasonal down-swing in my devotion to the whole paranormal reality tv show phenomena.  The shine of Jay and Grant may have dimmed.  The Klinge brothers antics may be inadequate to overcome my malaise.  Zaks'

LM’s Halloween Haunt Spots Adventure… Part 2 – Are They Not Alone?

And, LM’s Halloween Caper Company Haunt Spots Exploration continues… (More ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooosts!) After WP, we stopped for food at this AMAZING Indian restaurant about 6 miles away from the park. Tiny place, looked kinda sketchy from the outside, but it was incredible. (Royal India Restaurant. Tell your friends.) Two of our group pulled

An Excellent Halloween Haunt Spots Exploration

Caper Company's newest Guest Blogger “LM” — now known as the Infamous LM of Haunt Spots Tour Leader Extraordinaire fame -- has shared her wonderful write up of their Halloween Haunt Spots ghost tour exploration. Enjoy, part the first … (ghoOOOOOOOOOOoooost! — read on, you’ll get it…) Susan

What’s Your Personal Primary Paranormal Sensitivity?

At a recent gabfest of Caper Company Researchers and Explorers, we told spooky and fun tales of our Haunt Spots experiences.   As we chatted, a thread emerged.  It became obvious that each person had an individual primary type of experience or interaction.  This primary type of experience was not the