The Real Dangers of Ghost Hunting

When I talk about my ghost hunting excursions with friends outside the paranormal community, a lot of them say how scared they'd be to go to a haunted place. I always think, "What's there to be afraid of?" After all, ghosts are still mere theories. They haven't been proven to

The Loved Ones “Ghosts” Leave Behind

This past weekend I had a profound experience. One that has sort of changed my view on ghost stories, ghost hunting, paranormal investigating, and haunt jaunting in general. Let me start by giving you some background first. WHEN LOVED ONES DIE VIOLENTLY I've shared before that my Aunt Pearl, who I never met

From Beyond: Ghost Hunting Latin American Style

A couple of weeks back, I got an email from a representative of Unfortunately it came during my hack attack/web hosting change. (A debacle I'm still trying to recover from.) Anyway, the rep, Kristina, was writing to inform me about a new show called From Beyond. Armed with paranormal detectors and

Top Five Countries with the Best Paranormal Tourism

Where in the world are the hottest hot spots for paranormal tourism? Using sites like Ghost Tour Directory, Ghost Tours of Canada, and Ghost Tours pty Ltd's Australia, Europe and UK Listings from HJ's Find Real Haunted Places page, I researched which countries: Most actively promote their paranormal tourism (meaning which individual haunted places promote

You Know You’re a Ghost Hunter If…

This is a guest blog by William Collins. If you like this story and are on Twitter, let him know by sending him a Tweet via @Thor_2000.   It’s a lot funnier when read with a Jeff Foxworthy accent. If the power goes out and you pull out nighttime goggles and digital recorders. If