Ten Paranormal TV Shows You Might Have Forgotten

When I was a kid, there was two things I really cared about to escape the real world. I watched a lot of Classic 60s TV, like "The Andy Griffith Show," "Bewitched," "The Munsters" and "Hogan's Heroes." I also watched a lot of Hollywood monster movies. You see kids, back in

From Beyond: Ghost Hunting Latin American Style

A couple of weeks back, I got an email from a representative of mun2.tv. Unfortunately it came during my hack attack/web hosting change. (A debacle I'm still trying to recover from.) Anyway, the rep, Kristina, was writing to inform me about a new show called From Beyond. Armed with paranormal detectors and

You Know You’re a Ghost Hunter If…

This is a guest blog by William Collins. If you like this story and are on Twitter, let him know by sending him a Tweet via @Thor_2000.   It’s a lot funnier when read with a Jeff Foxworthy accent. If the power goes out and you pull out nighttime goggles and digital recorders. If

Haunt Jaunts Interview with Kris Williams of Ghost Hunters

He probably would prefer I didn't, but I have to thank paranormal pop culture expert and journalist Aaron Sagers (whose work can be found on Pop Matters and who founded Paranormal Pop Culture) for making this interview with Kris Williams of Ghost Hunters happen. I view it as a big coup for my

Get a Load of This: Paranormal Housewives

Today's "Get a load of this while I'm on vacation" post came courtesy to me via one of HJ's newest Halloween Blog Party guests, Merricat from Blackwood. She left a comment on my post "The Real Housewives on Ghost Hunters?"about a group of ladies known as the Paranormal Housewives. Apparently they were