Ten Paranormal TV Shows You Might Have Forgotten

When I was a kid, there was two things I really cared about to escape the real world. I watched a lot of Classic 60s TV, like "The Andy Griffith Show," "Bewitched," "The Munsters" and "Hogan's Heroes." I also watched a lot of Hollywood monster movies. You see kids, back in

From Beyond: Ghost Hunting Latin American Style

A couple of weeks back, I got an email from a representative of mun2.tv. Unfortunately it came during my hack attack/web hosting change. (A debacle I'm still trying to recover from.) Anyway, the rep, Kristina, was writing to inform me about a new show called From Beyond. Armed with paranormal detectors and

You Know You’re a Ghost Hunter If…

This is a guest blog by William Collins. If you like this story and are on Twitter, let him know by sending him a Tweet via @Thor_2000.   It’s a lot funnier when read with a Jeff Foxworthy accent. If the power goes out and you pull out nighttime goggles and digital recorders. If