Is “Deadly Possessions” Both a TV Show and Museum?

I chanced upon a story simply titled "Zak Bagans announces new series." on Paranormal Herald. It was about a press release had shared regarding “'Ghost Adventures' star and host Zak Bagans getting set to unleash a whole new kind of spooky with his new series, 'Deadly Possessions.'" From the Press Release: Zak

Upcoming Paranormal Events Report Week of 9/3/12

Well, it's taken me a couple of months, but I think I have the hang of this upcoming paranormal events thing. People are even taking note and sending me info about their events. Awesome. This week I even came up with an official name and tag for what I've been doing:

Friday Fun: Feline Ghost Adventures

Holy cow, this YouTube video about Feline Ghost Adventures cracked me up! Some people are so clever with their mashups. If you haven't seen this video yet (it's been out a while) and you're in need of some laughter, this should do the trick. Especially if you're a Ghost Adventures

Reapers, Creepers, and Shadow People Theory Repost

I decided to resurrect a past post from the archives. Reapers, Creepers and Shadow People: A Theory Inspired by Ghost Adventures at Waverly Hills was originally published on October 13, 2010. It's one of my favorites theories. I modified it only slightly to rerun here. In case you missed it the first