What You Need to Know about 2017’s Friday the 13ths

The New Year has begun and that means I'm updating some of the lists around here, like the Ghost Hunting & Etc. Events, Paracons & Horror Fests, and Calendar of Odd Dates pages. The last of which would would be incomplete without including 2017's Friday the 13th appearances, right? But 2017's

Three More Friday the 13th Events

I was trying to get the jump on the day by writing about Friday the 13th events earlier in the week. Of course once Friday the 13th hit, I discovered three other noteworthy events to share. 1. "Ghost Tails" Charity Dog Walk & Ghost Tour - I received an "Eerie E-vite"

What’s Happening During July’s Friday the 13th?

Other than watching one of the Friday the 13th movies (usually either the first or second one, because those two are my favorites), I don't believe I've ever been to any Friday the 13th events. I'd like to, though. (As long as no hockey mask-wearing serial killers were going to