Featured Friday: Bigfoot on the Brain

The other day a recommendation popped up on my Kindle Fire for a new-to-me Bigfoot book: 100 Bigfoot Nights: A Chilling True Story (Volume 1).   This true story sets out to chronicle the terrifying encounters that a residential family has had with the creature known as Bigfoot. Accompanied by video, photographs,

Ghosts Caught on Camera in Bar and Vandalizing Cop’s Car

Last week a couple of intriguing ghost caught on camera videos came to my attention. One was a news story about a Florida hotel's haunted bar. The other was of a police officer's car possibly vandalized by a poltergeist. Both had CCTV footage to accompany their tales. SPIRITED HOTEL BAR Orlando's WESH.com

Bigfoot Hunting Buffoonery

Last year, my friend Dinell shared a link to a NY Times article about a man who was killed while trying to create a Bigfoot sighting. It happened in Montana. The man was dressed in a "ghillie" suit, which is made to resemble foliage and camouflage military snipers. "He was trying

Is Haunt Jaunts closing up shop?

My apologies. Lately I've neglected my duties as the Director of Paranormal Tourism for Haunt Jaunts. My poor blog has suffered the past few months thanks to my other passion: tennis. I play on a couple of leagues, including a USTA one. That team won our local level here in Nashville