The Haunt Jaunts Holiday Giveaway

Happy Holidays! We'd like to spread some cheer so we're doing a holiday giveaway. HOW TO PLAY Both here and on our Haunt Jaunts Halloween Emporium blog, we've been featuring a few of our favorite items from our affiliates lately, à la: 36 Unique Gifts for Paranormal Enthusiasts Under $20 Featured Friday: A Few of Our

Friday Fun: To Crash a Santa Rampage or Not?

Last year I saw a Facebook event for a Santa Rampage here in Nashville. We had other plans the night of so we didn't get to go. I was reminded of it a month or so back when we went to a University of Arizona Nashville Chapter alumni event at

Finding Mr. Claus: The Great Santa Search

I have a confession to make. My name is Courtney Mroch and I'm a 40 year old woman who's never stopped believeing in Santa Claus. I forget how old I was when my dad finally broke the news about Santa's real identity. I couldn't believe it. It sort of made sense.

Zombies, Monsters and Other Macabre Gifts, Oh My!

This holiday season as I perused the many catalogs that filled my mailbox, I came across a lot of neat things that appealed to my macabre sensibilities. Some things I was able to find on Amazon. If that was the case, I immediately added them to the Holiday section of the Haunt Jaunts Emporium. (Why

The Christmas Tree Ship

Has anyone heard of the Christmas tree ship? Perhaps some of the old timers have. From 1898 till 1912, Captain Schuenemann was the skipper of the Christmas Tree Ship. Bringing hundreds of Christmas trees across Lake Michigan to Chicago area residents, the skipper was known for his generosity and was

Christmas Ghost Stories: The Mistletoe Bride

While I was searching out haunted Christmas-named places I came across a delightful Christmas ghost story: the tale of the Mistletoe Bride. It hails from England, a land rich in wonderful ghost stories. I came across it while searching for haunted places named "Mistletoe." That search led me to "The Mistletoe