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Sun, Surf and Spooky Legends – A Haunted Look at The Caribbean

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The spooky legends of the Caribbean may surprise you because you would never suspect to find a scary place or spirit in paradise. So, those that encounter one of these legends while on a trip to a tropical Caribbean island like Jamaica or Martinique are in for a shocking surprise. However, it’s true that the Caribbean is home to its fare share of ghosts, spirits and haunted spots.

Here are four spooky island legends to lookout for:

Ghost: La Dame Blanche

Where you’ll find her: Martinique

The story: Along La Route de la Trace, which is one of the oldest roads on the island, La Dame Blanche will roam the street at night. She appears to motorists as a lady dressed all in white that stands in the middle of the road. When you exit your car, she vanishes.

Spook: The Chupacabra

Where you’ll find it: Puerto Rico

The story: In the 1990s it was thought this otherworldly creature was out sucking the blood of the island’s farm animals. Science refutes the claim, stating these incidents were most likely attacks by coyotes, but there are many that still believe the Chupacabra is out there.

Ghost: The White Witch

Where you’ll find her: The Rose Hall Mansion in Jamaica

The story:  The White Witch, otherwise known as Annie Palmer, lived in this house and is believed to have been a very devious lady who mysteriously outlived three husbands. Now many visitors have told tales of feeling her spirit and seeing her shadows in photos throughout the house.

Haunt: The Eden Browne Estate

Where you’ll find it: Nevis, the Eastern Caribbean

The story: Back in the 1800s a groom and his best man started to fight the night before the wedding, and the best man wound up dead. The woman was forbidden to marry her groom, who was now a murderer. It is believed, that to this day the bride roams the house, distraught over the situation.

Now whether these stories and legends are true, no one knows for sure, but make sure you prepare with more than just sun block and sunglasses on your next trip to the Caribbean.



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