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Skellie Digs Up Spirit Halloween’s Best Bones

Like all other Halloweenophiles, I’m psyched for October 31.

Today I borrowed my human’s credit card and had a little shopping spree from one of my favorite Halloween stores, Spirit Halloween (which also happens to be one of HJ’s affiliates). They were having a big décor clearance sale and I wanted to check it out.

Here’s some of what caught my eye…and in some cases ended up in my cart.

Not all of it was decor, so not all of it was on clearance, but all of it has a bones theme.

And, yes, I went a little crazy about all of the alien skeleton stuff because I had never seen that before. (My human doesn’t let me out much.)

Now I wonder what will arrive first to surprise Courtney: the deliveries or the bill! 😛

(I think either me or my human would rock these wings. On second thought, me. I would totally do these justice.)
(I know I would look good in this. Didn’t buy it, but I was tempted.)
(Bought. He’ll be my little guardian Skellie Angel.)
(This looks like a fun game!)
(Had to have!)
(Shivers. Dolls. Eesh. No thanks. Passed on this one.)
(I’d love to buy this for my human’s friend, Paranormal Crystal, of Why Be Normal When You Could Be Paranormal? She loves aliens.)
(There’s also a Skeleton Dog Yard Stake. Bought them both.)
Skellie Ton
Skellie Ton is Haunt Jaunts Skeleton Friday. Whatever his human needs, he does, from funny photo ops to special appearances. He's always smiling and likes to make others do the same.

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