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Putting out the Poll

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One widget my WordPress theme didn’t automatically come with that I missed from Blogger was a poll. I finally figured out how to search for and add plugins. (Well, I sort of knew how to do it already, but it only recently dawned on me to search for a poll plugin.)

Anyway…I’ve had an idea in mind for a poll question for a couple of weeks now. It was inspired by Josh Gates while watching Destination Truth. Specifically, the episode where they were on the plane, in the air, and the plane’s top flew right  off!

I thought, “You know, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to one day hear he’s died while on investigation. And it’ll probably be something random that does him in, just like that sting ray was for Steve Irwin. Sure, it might  be because he actually finds one of the creatures he’s always hunting for and gets attacked by it, but more likely it’ll be from some mishap during an investigation.”

Because he certainly has the mishaps, doesn’t he? If you’ve watched the show, you know what I’m talking about. I thought my husband and I experienced all manner of hiccups on our travels. Ha! Josh Gates has us beat easy!

Whether it’s questionable transportation going out on him, overzealous locals, the local wildlife getting curious, or the local cuisine they just always have to test taste, Josh and his team end up having more adventures than just the excitement of searching for legendary monsters and beasts. (And sometimes they experience all of that and then some  during one trip!)

You might be able to guess how I cast my vote in the poll. However, can you be so sure? Let me explain why I picked the other three paranormal TV stars that I did for the poll. My choice may not be as clear cut as all that. (And it might make yours not so easy either.)

  • Steve Gonsalves, Ghost Hunters – Steve often admits during episodes that about the only thing he isn’t afraid of is ghosts. Spiders, flying, tight spaces…he’s had a good freak out or two. I can just see him meeting an untimely end because his ticker went out during a spider attack or something. Or maybe Dave Tango will somehow be involved. Those two razz each other so much. I can also see that somehow factoring in. (Not Dave killing him or anything like that, but a goof gone wrong kind of ordeal…)
  • Yvette Fielding, Most Haunted – Everyone I know either loves her or hates her. Many ghost hunters I know often say, “Oh, her screeching! I’d strangle that woman if she was on investigation with me!”  Hmmm…she better keep being careful about who she chooses to investigate with I’d say!
  • Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures – He’s almost as bad as Josh Gates. Almost. Not quite. If he doesn’t get snake bit while scouting out the area surrounding an investigation site, one of the many props he brings along and uses to taunt the spirits just may be his downfall. (Or, as is also sometimes the case, one of the props he scares up while on property, like ladders or loose boards, could also contribute to his untimely demise.)

So? Who you gonna vote for? Shhh! Don’t tell me. Cast your vote!

(Well, if you feel compelled to leave a comment, by all means go ahead. Also, if you can think of any other paranormal TV stars you’d add to the list, I’d love to hear that too.)

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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6 thoughts on “Putting out the Poll

  1. Even though Josh has been some touchy situations, his smarts will keep him alive, at least I hope so. I don’t wish anyone to die but I’m thinking that the irresponsible Zak Baggens would probably have a mishaps before Josh.

  2. I love the poll! I put Josh, but only because he’s the only one who takes real risks. But, he’s also the smartest and most safe when he does things, even taking a medic with him. Steve avoids planes, bugs, and heights, so he’s not going anywhere. Yvette will maybe bore herself to death with her droning voice, but that’ll take another 50 years at this rate. Zak…I keep hoping he’ll whack himself unconscious on an overhead beam, but as much as he begs the incubus (hee hee) to take him, he’s really a big baby at heart. Of course, one can hope he dances with snakes again…

  3. I totally don’t want anyone to die either! But I just couldn’t help but think of this question while watching Destination Truth. And I wondered if anyone else had ever thought something similar. It is good Josh takes as many precautions as he does. Because they sure do rely on Medic Rex a LOT! Hopefully no bad fate will befall any of them though!!!!

  4. It’s good that he has a medic on hand like Rex. The guy is a risk taker and yes the thought of something bad happening to him has occurred to me too. I bet it has run across his mind as well. He does bring us to places we may never see and for that I do appreciate it. This was a good idea for a poll.

  5. I voted. I think Josh is the most reckless, Steve is the biggest chicken, Yvette is the most annoying and a ghost is going to push her down a well someday just to shut her up. Zak hmmm he is a close second with Josh, but Josh got my vote.

  6. Thanks Julie! I appreciate where he goes too. That was a great thing to add. Glad you brought that up.

    Patty: LMAO! What you said about them all sums up why I picked them. I should have consulted you for a Cliff’s Note explanation!

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