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Psychic stomping ground

Hauntings aren’t the only paranormal thing in this world. There’s also psychic phenomena that falls into people interest. With permission from Courtney I want to take you to a journey that will explore psychic phenomena from very ‘human’ perspective.

What does being a psychic look like?

Most people imagine a psychic to be an old lady with a crystal ball (divination using crystal ball is called scrying by the way) sitting in a dark room with the only light coming from candles. Some add Tarot cards to this picture. Well, it’s not very true. Fortune-tellers aren’t psychic in most cases, they just want to earn dollars – as we all :).

Being a psychic means you can sense more than others. Not every psychic is hearing voices, most just sense so called psychic energies (this is the thing TV psychis have in mind when saying ‘I sense spirit here‘), like just knowing there’s something here. Seeing things isn’t really about using your eyes to see (but that thing happens too), but rather seeing with your mind, it’s like visualization, but it’s not conscious, hearing voices isn’t really about hearing real sounds, but about hearing things just like you hear your voice when talking to yourself inside your mind – all of that psychic impressions comes ‘from the above’ – whatever above means.

Which leads us further – psychics do not participate in any organized religious movement. There’s nothing religious about being a psychic. Spiritual yes, but not religious. Spirituality is something every religion have in common, it’s about being a seeker of greater things in your life. Most people think that psychics believe in some deities, ancient gods or weird New Age stuff. The true is that psychics believe in what they believe :). Personally, I’m a Taoist practising Tai Chi Chuan – it has nothing to do with New Age, and when it comes to believing in God, then I believe in one and only God – the one Christians and Jude believes. But it doesn’t stop me from being fascinated by Norse Mythology. That’s another story, the summary is simple – if you’re a psychic, you believe in what you want to believe, no one will force you to believe in New Age.

Anyway, every psychic is different – some are advanced and can really see and hear things, others just sense things, others know things. The range of development vary, if I say I’m a psychic it doesn’t mean I see dead people (um, OK it happens) and talk to them (umm…). I found a great pleasure in just sensing things and giving psychic readings. Why does that range vary? Because some psychics develops, and some don’t…  because everyone is a psychic.

Psychic is not born, psychic develops

Being a psychic means you tune into psychic energies that flows around you. You already have the skills, you just don’t know about it. I know what I’m talking about, I wasn’t “like this” all my life, it started when I was 16 years old. And now I teach psychic development on my blog. I teach it based on the process I developed my current level of abilities so I know how to teach it :). And I know everyone can develop psychic abilities, it’s all about knowing what to look for. It’s like being a radio tower – radio waves flows around you, but you can’t pick them up only because you’re tuned into wrong frequency – tune into correct one, and you will find out you can tune yourself into psychic energies – which carry information of different kind, learning how to pick up specific information is another thing (I also talk about it on my blog).

One more reason for knowing everyone can develop psychic abilities. Being a psychic is about having developed energy system which can manipulate the psychic energy (energy system is the thing that is build of Chakras, meridians, energy storages and energy centres – details in my article about New Energy Ways). And since everyone do have the energy system, the only thing left to do is to develop it to a level when you can consciously use it :).

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask me different questions (turns out they’re really interested in things I do), here are some of them

  • Can you see dead people?
    It happened few times but most of the time, I can only sense spirits and entities, which is pretty cool in my opinion, I can scare people by saying ‘I sense a presence here…’ :).
  • Can you see aura?
    I saw aura of plants once or twice, that’s all. It’s not a skill I’m eager to develop anytime soon.
  • Can you give me a psychic reading?
    Yes – but currently you have to travel to my city and then we can met. I don’t have an online system for giving psychic readings yet.
  • Can you predict the future?
    Nope, and honestly, I don’t want to predict the future.
  • How much do you take for your services?
    Nothing – at least nothing when I’m giving psychic readings for friends. If I will ever start giving readings for other people, I will take money for that – how much, I don’t know, surely it won’t be $200 per hour as some psychics do (in my opinion they freaked out with their prices).
  • Is this stuff real?
    Yep, tons of research all over the world, keep reading my blog and there will be an article about proving psychic phenomena.

Psychic in Poland

It’s a travel blog, so I can’t forget about mentioning this. Here in Poland psychics are connected only to that crystal ball and Tarot cards. The way people perceive psychics in United States is very different that what I experience here in Poland. They think we see the future, read cards and take huge moneys for giving a reading. They consider no things like sensing energies, spiritual growth, or working with spirits (trying to help them pass to the other side, useful element in my paranormal investigations).

And in most cases, we aren’t taken seriously mainly because most psychics here are frauds who take huge moneys for lying to people (easy money…) which is sad. But fortunately sometimes I met people who think it’s quite fascinating to be a psychic and they glad they know me. Well, I don’t know ;). Anyway, I know people who wants to listen about real psychic life, who enjoy my psychic readings, and consider my skills useful. So as always, there are two sides of that coin.

See, being a psychic isn’t that weird (I can’t believe I said that)… Do you have any questions regarding being a psychic or psychic development? Don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll be happy to answer.

Blogger and author, and psychic and paranormal investigator, he teaches psychic development online through his blog and books.

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2 thoughts on “Psychic stomping ground

  1. I’m so relieved to hear you say that. I am a very logic-minded person but am highly psychically developed (I think too that everyone is psychic–from knowing who’s on the other end of the phone when it rings to sensing Uncle Harry is in trouble across town). I had a chance as a child to develop it at a very early age and I don’t think there’s anything paranormal about it–as in I have to tap into a spiritual stream of consciousness to do it–but that we simply gather information from an extra sense we don’t often utilize. I just tune into that frequency at will. I get very frustrated when people either want to abuse my ability by wanting me to make all their life decisions or look down their nose at me as if I’m a traveling gypsy. So, I don’t share it with anyone except those who are open-minded like the followers on my blog. Their acceptance actually helped me to accept that I have a developed psychic muscle, no different than some of them being great at basketball or music. It’s just a talent that’s been focused. I like your healthy attitude about it. I wish more people like yourself would come forward and I wish more hoaxers and cold readers and new age people who turn it into a religious experience would just fade into the background.

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