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Psychic Haunting Mount Sleza

When you hear the term “paranormal tourism”, what do you think about? Haunted homes? Haunted battlefields? Hmm, that’s right – but have you ever considered a place of power to be a little paranormal in nature?

Places of power – places, where for some reasons, psychic energies are stronger than anywhere else – but it doesn’t mean such places are rare. They’re quite common, actually, and you can find them on every continent, in almost every country. Who knows, maybe you have such place next to your home?

Before I will describe one such place of power with photos, I want to share some theory with you, because the basic question is…

What Is Place Of Power, Anyway?

Basically, psychic energies are everywhere – and I mean it, everywhere! And some places are peaceful, some places are generally negative, and some places are more powerful than others. These powerful places are called “places of power”. How are they created? At least in two ways:

  • First, the place is already filled with powerful psychic energies because there are Earth energy grid crossing there. Just like all living beings have energy body and energy channels, through which psychic energies flow, in the same manner our planet have energy channels, through which energies are flowing. In places, where such energy lines cross each other, energies are stronger than normally. And of course, in one place, many lines can cross. Such multiple crossing place is called a Vortex, and you already know the most famous Vortex on our planet – it’s the Bermuda Triangle.
  • But if there are no energy lines crossing, a place of power can be also created by people’s effort. A places of religious cults after hundreds of years can shift their energy signature into more positive, more powerful, more spiritual, and more pure than normally. Temples, stone circles or sacred woods in case of European pagan religions are great examples here.

This is how such places can exist in the first place. But to better understand them, it’s mandatory to explain how can they influence the physical, mental and psychical world.

  • Some places of power are so powerful that they can literally cause things to disappear, and Bermuda Triangle is a great example here. Beside that, mountains like Mount Shasta in United States or Untersberg mountains near the border of Germany and Switzerland are also nice examples. People often disappear in such places, and in case of Untersberg, there was a case when a couple disappeared during their trek, only to appear out of nowhere on a ship sailing the Mediterranean.
  • But primary, places of power influence people on emotional, energetic (psychical) and spiritual level. They can cause negative patterns from your past to resurface, helping you on your spiritual development path, and of course, they can be also great support for everyone interested in psychic development – they can give you additional energies, cleanse some of your energy blockages, or provide you with psychical and spiritual experiences that can change your entire life.

Places like temples, or places of spiritual cults like Mount Sleza, which I’m going to talk about later, thus serve every spiritual seeker in his or hers journey.

An example of energetic influence. When I paid a visit to Sleza, I went there for a purpose of returning my stone runes to Mother Earth, asking in return for additional energy to help myself cleanse some of my energy blockages (it’s psychic stuff). The spirits of the place, or the mountain itself was kind enough to help me out – filling me with energies that did the job of removing some blockages – I can tell this, as I’m sensitive to psychic energies and I was able to notice when the blockages were removed.

This helped me make another few steps on the path of spiritual and psychical growth.

Thus, I recommend using places of power for any magical or psychical work. It’s really a great energy boost when you need one. Of course, normal people can also benefit from places of power, by simple recharging their batteries. An hour in a place of power is like 2-weeks holiday on Hawaii.

  • And there’s also an issue of healing – according to Chinese medicine, all illnesses are caused by energetic problems. Psychic healers and reiki practitioners, for example, are simple bringing the energies back to balance, that’s how they perform their part of healing. But you don’t need to visit psychic healer in order to get better, visiting powerful place of power can help you more or less, depending on how open you are, and how much time you spend in a place of power.

How To Recognize Such Place Of Power

First step to learn where are the nearest places of power is to:

  • Use the power of Google – there are already many databases and articles about different places of power. All you have to do is to google them.
  • Understand that old churches and cathedrals older than few hundred years will be considered a place of power. Buddhist temple is no exception, even if it’s fresh and no older than 10 or 20 years, because Buddhist practice is much more… energetic :).

If you live in United States, look for Native Americans’ sacred sites. In Europe, search for ancient pagan religious sites as well. Rumours and local legends are your allies. You can also contact your local psychic or pagan communities, they should be aware of nearest places of power.

Just remember about one important thing in case of sacred sites – if you’re allowed to enter such site, show respect to the place. And if the place is so sacred that nobody should enter it except some kind of shaman or druid, then respect this as well. Trust me, when spirits of the place will decide to take a revenge upon you for breaking the rules, it won’t be pleasant.

Sleza, Near Wroclaw Area, Poland

Now I would like to take you to a journey to Poland, Wroclaw area to be more specific, Mount Sleza to be even more specific. It’s the biggest place of power in Poland. Common theory says that it’s a place where geomagnetic lines are crossing each other. Other sources says that here’s where Ley Lines are crossing (energy lines, as I’ve explained in the beginning of this article), yet so far, I was unable to confirm that second theory.

The truth is that Sleza is a ancient ritual site of local Celtic culture, later on used by other pagan societies before Christianity came. Over hundreds of year, the place became filled with positive, spiritual energies, and for this day, these energies can be sensed. It’s also a “haunted” place – but not by some ghosts and apparitions, but by real spirits, and I’m talking about spirits that were never human. Some people call these entities the spirits of nature. In any case, these are the spirits of the mountain, they protect it, and they help people in their spiritual pursuits.

As spirits of this sort, they can be very helpful, but also very dangerous if you will fail to show them proper respect. Unfortunately, a lot of tourists fail to show this kind of respect by leaving rubbish on tourist routes or even by sitting on cult sculptures. Don’t do this no matter what kind of sacred place you’re visiting. You wouldn’t sit down on a crucifix if you’re a Christian, would you?

For this very day, Mount Sleza is a place of pagan pilgrims where neo-pagan movement performs their rituals. Psychics and energy workers of different sort also are visiting the mountain in order to recharge their batteries. It’s a common for esoteric workers to offer gifts for the spirits of the mountain. Some are leaving crumbs when entering the forest, and some people, like me, offer crystals charged with personal Chi (life energy) for the spirits. The knowledge above should be applied to each and every sacred site you will ever visit. It will save you a lot of troubles. And spirits can be problematic, really :).

Anyway, Mount Sleza’s power can be sensed by nearly everyone – and especially with people who are sensitive to psychic energies. You can even feel the atmosphere of the place just by looking at photos. It’s a mysterious place that can be life-changing for those who are willing  to open themselves for changes.

Anyway, check out the photos below – is that your idea of a haunted forest? 🙂

Blogger and author, and psychic and paranormal investigator, he teaches psychic development online through his blog and books.

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2 thoughts on “Psychic Haunting Mount Sleza

  1. I am telling you just this one time, do NOT ever again encourage non Native Americans to walk on our sacred, holy grounds & to practice non-Native Medicine. Others are not meant to use sacred land! It is not only disrespectful, it is also extremely dangerous to do so.
    I say these words harshly & directly so you might listen and take me seriously. Someone could be hurt or worse! NA people show only honor & respect to ‘Spirits of the Earth’ who ALLOW us(NA) to practice our Medicine. Our Ancestors would take this as a great insult.Trust me when I tell you they are not ‘ghosts’ who cannot harm the living. Now with that being said, please allow me to offer some advice.
    Energy is everywhere, it is a gift from God & Mother Earth (as you r aware of). I suggest if anyone would like/need this gift, simply ask. By offering Tobacco and prayers/words of thanks for what the earth provides. It might save you a few miles 🙂
    I wish you well Nathan

  2. So basically, what you say is that if you’re non Native American, then you cannot show respect to spirits, nor learn the arts, is that correct? Well, I’m sorry, in Poland we call it racism.

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