Three Halloween Parties in Real Haunted Houses for 2016

Can you think of anywhere better for having a Halloween party than in a real haunted house? Me either. As I've been updating our Ghost Hunting and Other Spirited Events page, I noticed there were some real haunted places hosting Halloween parties that were open to the public. I thought that'd

The 10 Scariest Haunted Houses in America

We're pleased to welcome back Harry Parsons from Arcadia Publishing with a seasonal guest post about the most haunted Halloween-style houses the U.S. has to offer. Of all the industries in the world, the Halloween industry is without a doubt one of the fastest growing. This has especially been the case

6 of the Most Notorious Graveyards in America

We're very pleased to welcome Harry Parsons from Arcadia Publishing with this fabulous guest post about notorious graveyards. Enjoy! With Halloween fast approaching, it only stands to reason that our thoughts might be turning to ghost stories and creepy things in anticipation right around now. We’re wondering what we should dress

Haunt Jaunts Is Back On Instagram!

Just a quick post to let whoever might care know that we're back on Instagram. We were briefly on Instagram a long time ago when it was first launched. We deleted our account for some reason. (I think something to do with some of the Terms of Use wording?) Some of that's

October 2016 Caption This Contest

Happy Halloween season!!! Before we get to the Caption This info and photo, let me tell you about what else we have going on around here this month. If you like contests and giveaways, be sure to stay tuned. We've got some great prizes and trophies we're going to be rewarding this

National Ghost Hunting Day October 1st

If you like ghost hunting and you haven't already heard, you're going to love what's happening this Saturday, October 1: the first National Ghost Hunting Day. (Of course we had to include it on our Weird Holidays & Observances calendar.) To celebrate it, the organizer, Haunted Journeys, has created an event

Invitation to Haunt Jaunts 2016 Halloween Party

Happy Halloween season! Besides our monthly Caption This Contests, we haven't done many contests or giveaways lately. And we haven't thrown a good-old fashioned online Halloween party around here in a loooong time. Halloween 2016 is the year we're going to change that! Collecting Goodies We've been thinking about this for many months now. Over

Haunted Canada Stamps and Coins

I thought it was pretty cool the United States Postal Service finally released a Halloween stamp. However, Canada has released something even cooler: Haunted Canada Stamps. I found out about them from the same place I found out about the U.S. Halloween stamps: Linn's Stamp News. Specifically from Fred Baumann's article: