May 2016 Caption This Contest

This month's Caption This photo comes to us courtesy of one of HJ's FB followers, James Maxwell. (Thanks again, James, for letting us borrow this fun pic!) How to Play Look at the photo below. (Did you know May is Mystery Month? We thought this photo was a fun choice for

April 2016 Caption This Contest

Welcome to our first monthly Caption This Contest! Every month we'll post a new photo. (Going forward we'll post it on the 1st of the month. We're halfway into this month because we just figured out how to get everything going and were so excited we didn't want to wait.) How to

Watch Out Mickey! Zombie Outbreak Headed for Orlando!

  Not far from the mecca that Walt Disney turned into Disney World in Orlando is a little street called International Drive. If you've ever been to Orlando, you know there's nothing small about International Drive. It's studded with attractions, restaurants and hotels and can be a traffic nightmare. Speaking of nightmares, another

What Effects Might the Stanley Hotel’s “No More Para Investigations” Policy Have?

The Lone Star Spooks Facebook page shared a link from Week In Weird whose title says it all: "Colorado's Famously Haunted Stanley Hotel to Cease all Paranormal Investigations and Events." Say what? This was shocking news on a number of levels. However, it may not be as dire as it looks. Check out

The Bradford Exchange Making a “Most Haunted” Collection?

Is the Bradford Exchange going to release a collection of most haunted places? I did a double take when I read a post about that. Then I doubled checked the dates. Did April Fool's Day come early? Nope. It's still March, and this is no joke. The post was "Go bump

Is “Deadly Possessions” Both a TV Show and Museum?

I chanced upon a story simply titled "Zak Bagans announces new series." on Paranormal Herald. It was about a press release had shared regarding “'Ghost Adventures' star and host Zak Bagans getting set to unleash a whole new kind of spooky with his new series, 'Deadly Possessions.'" From the Press Release: Zak