What Effects Might the Stanley Hotel’s “No More Para Investigations” Policy Have?

The Lone Star Spooks Facebook page shared a link from Week In Weird whose title says it all: "Colorado's Famously Haunted Stanley Hotel to Cease all Paranormal Investigations and Events." https://twitter.com/WeirdHQ/status/713079587832520705 Say what? This was shocking news on a number of levels. However, it may not be as dire as it looks. Check out

The Bradford Exchange Making a “Most Haunted” Collection?

Is the Bradford Exchange going to release a collection of most haunted places? I did a double take when I read a post about that. Then I doubled checked the dates. Did April Fool's Day come early? Nope. It's still March, and this is no joke. The post was "Go bump

Is “Deadly Possessions” Both a TV Show and Museum?

I chanced upon a story simply titled "Zak Bagans announces new series." on Paranormal Herald. It was about a press release DreadCentral.com had shared regarding “'Ghost Adventures' star and host Zak Bagans getting set to unleash a whole new kind of spooky with his new series, 'Deadly Possessions.'" From the Press Release: Zak