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More to the New Ghostbusters Trailer Than Meets the Eye

Ghostbusters's logo ,with the film's famous slogan "who you gonna call?" above ,and the film's release date below.

Starting late yesterday evening social media started buzzing about the release of the new Ghostbusters trailer. (The movie is scheduled for a July 15, 2016 release.) Today it’s blown up about it.

This morning on Good Morning America they showed the movie’s trailer and broke down the hidden clues careful viewers might discover in it. I embedded the GMA clip below (as well as the Ghostbusters trailer) because there are sections I wanted to pause and analyze closer, so I’m thinking others might as well too.

But here’s a quick summary of two hidden clues I found most intriguing:

Will Chris Hemsworth Battle Slimer?

Chris Hemsworth as Kevin, the receptionist
Chris Hemsworth as Kevin, the receptionist

It’s not a secret Chris Hemsworth is going to be in the movie. He’ll be playing the part of the geeky (yet still super sexy) receptionist that Annie Potts played in the original movie. However, one of the clips in the trailer shows him with a white shirt and what appears to be an open Ghostbusters jumpsuit around his waist as he’s striding through a doorway. As Nick Watt commented during the clip, “Will he also strap on the proton pack?”

Not sure, but I did find this clip of him in full jumpsuit on a motorcycle. The mystery deepens…

Photo from
Photo from

2. Equation on White Board Translates to a Paranormal Website

There is no way in hell I would’ve ever spotted this next clue. It’s something you might see in an Escape Game.

The GMA clip zoomed in on a white board full of calculations and revealed one of the equations pointed to a paranormal website:

Well of course I had to go check that out. It revealed a page for the Kenneth P. Higgins Institute of Science and allows you to check out the essential Ghostbusting equipment, such as:

  • Ecto-1
  • PKE (Pscyho Kinetic Energy) Meter
  • Ghost Trap
  • Proton Pack

There’s also a video called “Busting Ghosts with Science.” Yep, it’s also included below.

Well, mission accomplished marketing department at Sony. You’ve piqued my interest and revved up my excitement for the new Ghostbusters. What about you?

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