We come across a lot, and we do mean a lot, of cool websites when we’re researching jaunts to take and posts to make, or when we’re updating our various sections (ie. Haunted Directories & Maps, Ghost Tours, Walks & Hunts, Year-Round Jaunts, Ghost Hunting Etc Events, Paracons & Horror Fests, and our Calendar of Odd Dates).

Often these cool sites also make great resources. Being the squirrels that we are, we want to stash these nuggets for future use.

Hence, we’ve created this section as a way to do just that. It allows us to store them for handy reference. If you’re able to get some use out of them too? Even better!

Here’s how we’ve separated them, including what you’ll find within them:

  • Paranormal Links: Paranormal Blogs, Paranormal Mags, Paranormal Research Sites, Paranormal Sites, Paranormal Social Networks.
  • Travel & Tourism Links: Ghost Towns and Abandoned Places, Haunted Travel Sites, Helpful Travel Sites, Historic Haunts Open about Their Ghosts, Museums, Places That Promote Paranormal Tourism, Travel Blogs
  • Halloween Links: Halloween and Dark Artists, Halloween Blogs, Halloween Haunted House Directories, Halloween Jaunts, Halloween Sites
  • Miscellaneous Links: Bizarre, Haunting Fun, History, History Blogs, Podcasts, Random

Know of a site you think we should add? Contact us and let us know!