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K2 Craziness in Old South Pittsburgh Hospital’s Basement

I previously wrote about the four experiences I had on the third floor of the Old South Pittsburgh Hospital, but I was going through some notes and was reminded about the crazy K2 experiences in the basement I meant to also write about. Whoops! Well, better late than never!

Kitchen area of Old South Pittsburgh Hospital


Nothing happened in the kitchen, but just beyond here Alex, Jessica, Brett and I were all walking in a hallway when Brett and Jessica’s K2s started to go off.

We ended up chasing the “signal” to what had been a women’s restroom. The K2s kept lighting up at the weirdest places. Up, then stop. Down, then stop. Hover for a second, then stop.

It was just odd.

But what made it stand out to me was Steve had mentioned something early on in the night that a psychic friend of his had predicted we’d encounter activity in a bathroom.

Well, there was a disturbing looking bathroom on the third floor. It just felt bad. (Even if the hospital didn’t have a haunted rep and wasn’t abandoned and in disrepair it still would’ve felt creepy. It’s design just sort of lent to that.)

But when the K2s started acting up like they did down in that basement bathroom, I couldn’t help but think back to what Steve had said his friend had said.


Meeting room in basement of Old South Pittsburgh Hospital

There actually wasn’t a chapel in the hospital. There was a room in the basement (pictured above and below) they used for meetings and such that had pews that kind of reminded us all of a chapel. (The pews might have come from an old church, though. I forget now if that’s what we were told or not.)

Another view of "chapel" at Old South Pittsburgh Hospital

The whole group (Steve and Angie, Brett, Jeremy, Alex and Jessica plus me) descended en masse into the “chapel.” The room was divided into three seating sections, with two aisles separating.

I sat in the middle front row pew next to Angie. Jessica and Alex sat in the left front row pew. To our right I believe it was Jeremy sitting solo front row over there. Steve and Brett sat at the front of the room.

We all turned out our lights and let the darkness take over as Steve started the EVP session.

As I remember it, Angie’s K2 was the first to go off. But what I don’t remember now is if the K2 went off before the PX. That thing had been silent pretty much all night, but down in the basement it suddenly went nuts.

And then so did the K2s. I had seen K2s on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures and kind of thought maybe they were rigged somehow. However, after seeing them in person, just laying on the tables and benches next to us, just suddenly go bonkers for no reason I had a new appreciation for them.

Even though they may or may not indicate paranormal activity, they sure were cool to watch come alive like that in real life!


First off, here are links to posts Ghost Eyes wrote about the investigation of Old South Pittsburgh Hospital from their perspective:

Below are four EVPs they posted on their YouTube channel, Ghostly Realms, that were caught the night I investigated with them.  (They’ve been back since and have added a couple more recent EVP catches from the hospital. If you’re interested in giving those a listen, or any of the other ones from their other trips, definitely check out their YouTube channel.)



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