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Help Us Write a Charity E-Book!

Thanks to Courtney, I can post this short announcement (well, at least I think she agreed to this). As some of you may know, Courtney is into Lymphoma Research Foundation – she donates a portion of the income from Haunt Jaunts ads to their research. That inspired me, and that’s why I decided to launch the following project.

As some of you may know, I got an initiative – A State of Mind Publishing –  to publish both fiction and non-fiction paranormal related e-books, sharing knowledge from wide range of paranormal & occult subjects. And together with Courtney we want to publish a new e-book – a charity e-book. And we need your help.

The e-book idea is quite simple – we want to publish a set of paranormal stories: supernatural experiences, ghost stories, stories and legends about haunted places etc. The whole e-book is going to be made available for $9.95 USD per copy, and 90% (give or take) of all income will be donated through Courtney to Lymphoma Research Foundation! “Only” 90% as I still need to pay $1.08 fee to PayPal from each transaction ;). It’s perfect opportunity for everyone of you to make some good karma with little effort!

Here’s what we want you to do:

  • Send your ghost stories, paranormal experiences and other weird stories to nathan[at] – be sure to entitle the email with “Charity E-Book Submission”, and your name and URL if you want to be included in the credit page :). If you have more stories, be sure to name them, and assign to categories like: psychic, ghost etc.
  • Promote this post everywhere you can, so we can collect more stories. You can simply copy/paste this article and put in on your own blog!
  • Finally, purchase the e-book when it’s ready :).

A State of Mind Publishing will turn all your submitted stories into e-book, and it will manage sales. Each month we will publish short report how many e-books has been sold, and how many dollars we managed to donate to Lymphoma research thanks to you!

Don’t hesitate, start sending your stories now, so together we can make a difference!

Blogger and author, and psychic and paranormal investigator, he teaches psychic development online through his blog and books.

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5 thoughts on “Help Us Write a Charity E-Book!

  1. Hi, What a great idea. I have a couple of short ghost stories I could send in. Are you still excepting entries? Who has publishing rights to these if they are included. I’ve never had anything published before. Would I be able to submit the story to another charity book or publication if it made the eBook?
    Good luck, worthy cause.

  2. @Jonathan,
    Yep, you can still submit your stories :).

    As for copyrights, I guess yes – you will be able to submit your own stories elsewhere, as you hold the copyrights to your work, this is – your stories :).

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