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Haunts Tech

No, nothing as exciting as a K-2 meter, or that cool FLIR thingie that measures infrared heat signatures. I simply need a mobile method for getting on-line, a phone, to access email, store contact info, record Haunt Spots research – that sort of thing. Oh, if only we lived in the 21st century where such things are commonplace. Whatever shall I do? (insert fluttery sighing noises and the sound of mint juleps being mixed).

Hey! I see you jumping up and down shouting hallelujahs to the heavens. Susan is finally going to join the Blackberry, Palm Pre, iPhone etc. world. I’ve not really been reluctant. Just cheap. But now, there’s a NEED. I’ve got to be able to keep in touch with new Haunt Spots Explorers as you intrepidly experience your tour. I need to record field research observations and experiences. Gulp! That means relinquishing Caper Company’s tried and true paper checklist and clipboard.

I must be brave and leave the hole in the wall home office and rattling PC chains behind. Caper Company is hitting the road. Today, it’s just to pick up the car from repair, take the dog to the vet, and to Office Max to make flyers for ZombieConX . But in weeks soon to come, it will be to research far flung potential Haunt Spots. 98 haunted destinations researched thus far. Only about 412 to go.

Here’s to mint juleps and Best Buy.

Happy Haunts,


To experience Haunt Spots for yourself, visit us at www.CaperCompany.comIs Someone Unhappy to be Buried Here?

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2 thoughts on “Haunts Tech

  1. What a fun guest blog, Susan! THANK YOU! And I sure wish you the best of luck both getting up on technology with your smart phone investment, but with Haunt Spots Tours overall! (I”ve been wanting to come to Wisconsin anyway…this would make the trip even more fun!)

  2. Thanks, Courtney!

    I try to blog a little something every day – which is really easy to do considering how much is involved in getting Haunt Spots out there.

    You HAVE to come to Wisconsin. It’s especially beautiful this time of year, but anytime of year, you can find us here. And our ghosts.

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