Ghost tours and ghost walks are amazing ways to learn more about a city or town’s history. They’re fun and informative and bring history alive in ways other tours don’t.

Ghost hunts allow you to engage in the action in a more participatory, exciting manner.

Below we’ve listed a few different categories to help you find the perfect activity for you. This eliminates the need to bookmark a bunch of different sites. Just bookmark ours. One and done!

  1. Ghost Hunts: For those who are more interested in paranormal research and/or something a little more than just a ghost tour, overnight investigations and ghost hunts allow you to get in on the action. This section lists ghost hunts and paranormal investigations that allow for a more thorough and intimate encounter with haunted places and the spirits alleged to roam in them. It also lists tour companies that regularly organize such events.
  2. Ghost Tour Directories: We list the sites that list ghost tours.
  3. Haunted Event and Tour Companies: Think of these as “Ghost hunting outfitters.” They’ll organize your ghost hunting outing, including often hooking you up with the latest paranormal investigation equipment and techniques.
  4. Recommended Ghost Tours (both U.S. and International): Even though we haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing all of these tours, we recommend them because of their reputations. Many have received “Best of…” awards. Also, their owners and operators have demonstrated to be knowledgeable, passionate, and helpful paranormal tourism industry professionals.

Use the table below to select which type of experience you’re interested in. It’ll take you to a listing of links.

Happy jaunting!

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4 thoughts on “Ghost Tours, Walks & Hunts Companies

  1. I own a specialty/gift shop in Haunted Waynesville, OH. This is a quaint village with approx 60 shops of antiques, gifts, and specialty items as well as lodging and great food. If you visit, you might want to stay at the Hammel House Inn (ask for haunted room #4). Our building (which we moved into in May) is haunted by the previous occupants of the home that was previously on our site. While I have not experienced anything other than the feeling of being watched, hunters have been in and swear we are haunted!

    Could you add this link to your site? It is a link to our annual ghost tours performed by the local museum. Many buildings, sites and the cemetary are haunted. Google us…. and come visit. We are about 5 hours from Nashville, TN The museum will arrange tours year-round as well. If you were to stay at the Hammel House Inn, they feature “Ghost and Goblet” dinners the month of October prior to the ghost walks.

  2. Greetings,
    Enjoyed reading about Haunt Jaunts. I am a member of M.A.P.S. ( I also own and Antiques shop in an old Masonic Building (1892) in East Bridgewater, Ma. Our team does an Historic Ghost Tour of E. Bridgewater Village on Fri. and Sat. evenings from Sept. 30th thru Nov.5th. It’s a 2 hour walking tour. All material is researched. There are 14 costumed characters and props. Because there was once a Funeral Home and Embalmer in my building, we set up a small Morgue and Funeral Parlor as well. It’s an evening full of fun, facts, folklore and a few surprises. Info is on our website. Just thought I’d let you know about our tour which is close to the Bridgewater Triangle area. Happy Halloween!

  3. Hi Belinda and Lorrie! THANK YOU so much for stopping by to leave these comments with info to AWESOME sounding events. I will be sure to spread the word about them, and link them up. Very glad to know of these. Maybe I’ll even get to jaunt to them one day myself… (If not, maybe others will find the info and be able to. 😉

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