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Haunted places in Poland

It’s time for a little European haunt jaunting as Courtney would name it. Poland haunt jaunting to be more specific. As it turns out, Poland due to it’s history is quite well haunted. Specially for readers of Haunt Jaunts decided to describe few haunted places in my country.

Duchna – The Haunted Road

There is a road on the edge of Kampinoska Forest, between the towns of Laski and Izabelin, known as the “Duchna” on which a strange things happen. When night comes, you can become a witness of an activity of strange balls of light, the ORBS visible by naked eye. Or maybe those are the spirits of the ancestors known as will-o’-the-wisp? It is a natural phenomenon for swamp areas, except the fact that there are no spamps anywhere near, and the terrain is very dry.

Another strange phenomenon is directly related to the sense of smell – it is possible to smell a nice, sweet aroma in two places of the road. Source of this phenomenon has not been determined yet. Sufficient to say that this phenomenon has been noticed during spring as well as winter. People say that the aroma comes in waves, and there are few seconds (50-70 seconds) between each wave. Yummy? 😉

In a few places we can notice growing birches, curved in unnatural way. Trees has been checked by dowsers, and as they admitted – such unnatural trees are prove for negative earth radiation. The very same radiation is causing electrical equipment malfunctions, just as it has been reported in famous Bermuda Triangle or during poltergeist activity. Fascinating!

Finally, witnesses say they have seen apparitions of horse raiders, soldiers from different periods of Europe history, and finally, a woman with huge, black dog. Spooky!

Language trivia – name “Duchna” comes from “Duch”, which in Polish means “Ghost”. The ending “-na” suggest that something is swarming with ghosts, that something is haunted.

The Ghosts of Golub

In the down of Golub, there is an old castle, a symbol of the power of the Teutonic Order. It’s not a secret that the castle is haunted. A lot of rooms and halls in the building was once a chamber of torture. During the night, it’s possible to hear screams, groans and howls, and other mysterious sounds of unknown origin as well.

But the most popular ghost of Golub Castle is the Anna Wazowna herself – a perfect example for the phenomenon know as the “White Lady” or “Lady in White” – it is known what her apparition is often walking through the corridors of the old castle.

The Golub Castle is probably the best Polish example for residual haunting.

Polish “Blair Witch”

Poland also has its own Blair Witch ;). There is an old castle in Reszel, Warminsko-Mazurskie. The Eastern Keep is probably the most spooky part of the castle, due to the events that took place there in 1811. In August 11, 1811 the Eastern Keep was the last room in which Barbara Zdunk slept (if she managed to fall asleep) – the very next they she was burn at the stake as the last woman accused of witchcraft in Europe. It’s a sad story, because she became a scapegoat after the fire in the castle, in 1807, that was actually started by political prisoners. Because Prussian government did not wanted to admit this, they accused an innocent woman of witchcraft.

But the castle itself isn’t haunted – the area near it is. A river called “Sajna” is the place. An entrance to underground dungeons can be found there, and spook lights (also known as will-o’-the-wisp), groans and yelps can be heard also. Finally, at the location a tragic accident happened, in which father and son had died when driving on a motorbike. Up to this day, the cause of the accident has not been found. Due to this fact, a legend about the witch was reborn, and it lives to this very day.

The haunting continues…

What I describes is a small part polish haunts, there are many more places, from cursed and haunted mountains, to castles and palaces, to whole haunted district in city of Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie. Stay tuned for more haunt jaunting from Europe in next guest posts!

If you live in Poland, and you know some haunted places, please get in touch with Anomalium investigations team. Oh, and don’t forget to visit my blog :).

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