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Ghost Tours – Not Just for Halloween

This is a guest post by Selina.

At this time of year ghosts and ghouls are never far from our minds. But did you know that you can raise the spirits of your favorite ghost hunters all year long with Ghost Tour experience gifts from Xperience Days? Here’s a spooktacular selection of the unique gifts currently on offer:

Ghost Hunting Tour of Grand Central Station:

Visit NYC’s iconic Grand Central Station with The Ghost Doctors. Hear haunted histories of the hallowed halls and hunt for the passengers of the past using all the latest ghost hunting equipment, including Ghost EMF Meters, Digital Recorders, Infrared Thermometers and Dowsing Rods.

Bring along your digital camera and The Ghost Doctors will even teach you how to turn it into your very own ghost detector!

The Dark Side of Savannah:

Travel through America’s ‘most haunted city’ for an evening of ghosts and gravestones. Hear hair-raising tales from three centuries of Savannah’s history. This tour even takes in a real haunted house, the Sorrel Weed house, as featured on SCIFI channel’s ‘Ghost Hunters’, where the TV investigators discovered terrifying supernatural activities.

Haunted Trolley through Philadelphia:

Discover up to 20 terrifying tales from Edgar Allan Poe through to Charles Dickens and more during this haunted trolley tour for two of historic Old Philadelphia! You will be guided through the streets for an evening of humor, horror and history, discovering the dark side of the City.

Murder and Ghosts in New York:

Mystery and mischief in Manhattan! This lantern-lit guided walking tour will take you through one of four neighbourhoods: Lower Manhattan, Greenwich Village, Hell’s Kitchen or the East Village. You’ll hear historical and modern tales of murder and mayhem as you travel.

Ghosts and Gravestones in Boston:

Board the ‘Trolley of the Doomed’ and see the darker side of Boston in the company of a 17th Century grave digger cursed to eternal damnation. Hear his tales of the Angel of Death and the Boston strangler. Follow him if you dare to visit the graves of Cotton Mather, (of Salem Witch Trials infamy), and American Revolution heroes including John Hancock, Paul Revere and Samuel Adams. Prepare to be scared.

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Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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