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Ghost Hunt Weekends “Titanic” First

Titanic Museum in Branson, MO Ghost Hunt Weekends with Chip Coffey from A&E Channel's Paranormal State. Dinner, Desserts, Drinks, Gallery Reading, Seance and More

Where possible, I subscribe to notification emails for paracons and paranormal events so I can be sure to add them to our Paracons & Horror Fests page. One of the company’s whose emails I subscribe to is Ghost Hunt Weekends.

They recently sent a notice out about a one-of-a-kind/first-of-its-kind “Titanic” event they’re doing with Chip Coffey in Branson, Missouri.

This is the first  time cameras have been permitted inside this Titanic Museum Attraction, and the first time anyone of the public has been in the building after closing hours. You do not want to miss this once in a lifetime historical event!

It caught my eye for two reasons:

  1. Branson. It’s been on my Places I Want to Visit list for a while now. Haven’t made it there. Yet.
  2. Titanic. Not sure why I’m so fascinated with this tragedy. Maybe because we cruise so much? Maybe because it haunts us in some form or fashion most cruises? (It makes sense when we did the Canada New England cruise. Lots of Titanic ties on that, most notably Halifax and its Titanic cemeteries. Same with the British Isles cruise. Left out of Southampton, same as Titanic did. Also made a stop in Belfast, where Titanic was built. But even our last Alaskan cruise had a Titanic connection in Victoria, B.C. of all places.) Anyway, I’m a sucker for all things Titanic.

Seance and Ghost Hunt

Since they wrote it up so nicely on their site, here’s the details for what you can expect from this experience:

Get ready to set sail for the most exciting and exclusive event the world has ever seen! Go
inside the Ship Of Dreams with Ghost Hunt Weekends and Psychic Medium Chip Coffey for an evening you will never forget! The Titanic Museum in Branson, MO!

This is a Two Day Package Event that includes your Lodging, Dinner, Desserts, and this coveted Titanic Event with Ghost Hunt Weekends and Chip Coffey!

Friday Night, Check In your hotel that is located in the same Parking Lot as the Titanic, we will have a pre-event get together for on your own Cocktails and Dinner at Montana Mikes Steak House, just walking distance from the Hotel!

Saturday includes Breakfast at the Hotel then a free day to explore Branson, MO. Included in your ticket price is a Private Dinner at Pasghetti’s Italian Restaurant Attraction, located next door to the hotel and Titanic.

After dinner, walk back to your hotel to change into evening attire for our exclusive private event inside the Titanic. As you enter the ship with your provided lanyard Boarding Pass, you stroll through the exhibits and interact with Titanic Staff and Characters while enjoying complimentary Wine, Beer and Dessert Stations.

A Souvenir Photo of you and Chip together on the Grand Staircase will be professionally printed and included.

Your evening continues through the exhibits and then it will be time for a Questions and Answers Session a Psychic Gallery Reading and then a Seance with Chip Coffey along with original Titanic Artifacts, some items seldom or never before seen in the public where Chip will attempt to make contact.

After the Seance, you will participate in a lights-out ghost hunting investigation of the entire Titanic Museum Attraction!

Class Packages

I thought it was clever how they packaged the event into two “classes” (just no Steerage) in keeping with the Titanic theme:

  1. 1st Class Event Package = $295.
  2. 2nd Class Event Package = $195.

They’re basically the same package, except the 1st Class package includes two nights at the host hotel and breakfast each morning.

But both packages will get you:

  • Access to the Friday night pre-party
  • Saturday night dinner at Pasghetti’s
  • Exclusive collector’s hard laminate boarding pass & lanyard
  • Saturday night Titanic admission for strolling and complimentary beer, wine and desserts
  • Printed souvenir photo with you and Chip Coffee on Grand Staircase
  • Meet and greet with Titanic cast and crew and Chip Coffee
  • Photo and autograph session with Chip Coffee
  • Psychic gallery reading with Chip Coffee
  • Titanic artifact seance with Chip Coffee
  • Lights-out ghost hunt of Titanic museum

Book Your Passage

Go to this link on Ghost Hunt Weekends site to select your class package and make your reservations for this event:


Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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