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Frightful Friday—When Spirits Kill


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If you’ve ever seen Sam Raimi’s The Possession with Kyra Sedgwick, you may have hidden under the covers that night.

In the film, a separated couple shares time with their daughter, Emily. When it’s Clyde’s turn to care for the kids he takes them to a yard sale. Emily becomes enchanted with an old wooden box with Hebrew letters on it. Inside, there are some creepy objects, including a dead moth, a tooth, and a wood figurine.

Soon, Emily is displaying signs of being possessed. She stabs her father with a knife, while the dybbuk—a malevolent spirit—tosses her teacher out the window. The box is discarded, but Emily runs away to find it. While the family is reunited in the end, the dybbuk kills the Jewish man who performed the exorcism.

This film is based on a true story from 2003.

Kevin Mannis owned an antique store in Portland, Oregon, where he acquired a wine box after an estate sale. The wine box had belonged to a Holocaust survivor who had passed it down to her granddaughter. She did not want it, claiming that it was haunted.

Mannis claimed that he experienced nightmares and smelled strange smells while in possession of the wine box. Eventually, he placed the box on eBay, where it passed from person to person, each claiming that the box was haunted. They also experienced progressively worsening health problems. After consultation with a Rabbi, the wine box was sealed and hidden in a secret location.

If you have a collection of wine boxes and are seeing strange things in your home, perhaps it’s time to give up drinking.


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