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The Fascination with True Crimes – and Lizzie Borden

I’m pleased to welcome back author Chris Verstraete to Haunt Jaunts. This time we’re one of the stops on her book blog tour. Chris, who also writes as C.A. Verstraete, has a new book releasing Tuesday September 13, 2016, Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter.

Poor Lizzie. “She took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done She gave her father forty-one.” It’s one of the most infamous crimes in American history. Haunt Jaunters know it also produced one of America’s most alleged haunted houses, which is both a museum and a spooky stay, the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River, Massachusetts. But Chris is here to discuss why the case fascinates us so much, even over a century later….


Thanks Courts for letting me take up some of your blog space!

This is another stop on the release blog tour for Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter. Don’t forget to get your copy!!! Please order on Sept. 13 – release day– to give the book a boost!!!!

What is it about crime, especially true crime, that fascinates us so?

It is human nature, of course, to wonder what’s happened when we pass a car accident, or watch the endless news cycles on TV after a tragedy. In this age of 24-7 news and social media, we’ve come to expect constant updates and the latest on a tragedy.

The old newspaper saying, “if it bleeds, it leads,” has become more true than ever, even if TV coverage has become a never-ending cycle. It is nothing new, however, just a different format in a different time. Jack the Ripper had people in fear and waiting for the next news headline.

But Lizzie Borden… Well, she is partly to blame for our endless fascination.

Her scream one hot August morning in 1892 that “Someone killed Father!” helped launch a constantly churning news machine and lit an all-consuming public passion for the latest on what became known as the first “trial of the century.”

The unspeakable horror of the crime in which an upstanding citizen and his wife were brutally attacked, and as one newspaper bluntly stated “hacked to death,” was unheard of. Even more shocking? That officials arrested, and charged, the plain, 32-year-old spinster daughter Lizzie Borden with the gruesome murders!

To Victorian sensibilities, that a woman could commit such a heinous, violent crime seemed unthinkable! Maybe that is why she was declared not guilty. But was she?

No solid evidence has ever been found linking her to the crime.

In recent years, investigators have found traces of blood running down the walls—and in the cellar. Evidence of her cleaning herself off as has been suggested?  Sadly, we may never know.

That mystery, however, is part of what has kept her name alive for generation after generation. And it keeps writers and film makers continually inspired with new plot twists! Like mine! Yes, I looked at the autopsy photos and realized… What if Lizzie Borden did do it… because she had to?

Bloody Lizzie

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About the Book:

Every family has its secrets…
One hot August morning in 1892, Lizzie Borden picked up an axe and murdered her father and stepmother. Newspapers claim she did it for the oldest of reasons: family conflicts, jealousy and greed. But what if her parents were already dead? What if Lizzie slaughtered them because they’d become zombies?

Thrust into a horrific world where the walking dead are part of a shocking conspiracy to infect not only Fall River, Massachusetts, but also the world beyond, Lizzie battles to protect her sister, Emma, and her hometown from nightmarish ghouls and the evil forces controlling them.

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