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If you’re looking for a paranormal or ghost hunting event, welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

Now let’s try to figure out what kind of event you’re looking for…

Ghost Hunting Events

If want to experience a paranormal investigation in an alleged haunted place, you’ll want to check out our Ghost Hunting Events section.

That’s where we list every kind of ghost hunting experience we come across, from ones hosted by small private investigation groups, to larger ones that let you investigate with the paranormal celebrities from your favorite TV shows.

Paracons & Horror Fests


If you want to attend a paranormal convention or conference (and by “paranormal” we mean anything from ghost hunting-focused paracons to UFO, cryptid and more cons), check out our Paracons and Horror Fests section.

You’ll also find Horror Festivals and Conventions in this spot too.

Enjoy! Happy jaunting…and convention going!



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