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27 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hey there!

    First of all, I keep hearing very good things about your website! Good job! This an ambitious project indeed.

    My name is Vince Wilson and I am the author of Ghost Tech, Ghost Science and Ultimate Ghost Hunter. Recently my teams in Harpers Ferry, WV and Baltimore, MD have acquired an actual historically haunted house in Harpers Ferry that belonged to the family of John Wilkes Booth. We are using it as our new headquarters and also making space for a paranormal history museum and training facility. This is very exciting for us. I am hopeful that Haunt Jaunts can help spread the word for this excitng new project.

    I hope to hear from you soon!


  2. Hi Vince!

    WOW! I’m very excited you stopped by like this. THANKS for the nice comments.

    I certainly did hear about The Haunted Cottage and already wrote about it. ( I was BURSTING when I heard about it. I think it’s a great idea and I hope I get to come check it out myself personally some day!

    Thanks again so much for personally making sure I knew about it though. I’m glad to see the word about my site is getting out!

  3. Hi there. Saw your Lemp Mansion video and the fact you were not able to go in. My wife and I stayed there this past October and photographed it pretty extensively. You can see our Lemp pics as well as other locations at our website

    Like you, we love to travel to anything connected to the term “haunted”, from locations deemed haunted to “jump out and say boo” haunted attractions.

    Enjoy! Jim Patton – The Haunted Enthusiasts

  4. Hi Jim! So great to meet another haunt jaunter! I will be sure to write up your site and link back to it. Very glad you stopped by to introduce yourself.

  5. Hey guys! LOVE your page. Just wanted to let you know that I have a button on my page for your site but it’s not working. When you click on it, it comes up as an error! Thought you might want to know!


  6. Aw nuts! Thanks for letting us know, Tara. Was it from the coded button on the sidebar? (The one that let’s you copy the code?) Or was it a Halloween one? Thanks again for the FYI!

  7. During the Halloween season it a haunted attraction, The rest of the time it’s a real Haunted Place.
    We have traveled all through Kentucky doing documentaries called Shadows of Kentucky which has been seen on the CW channel, We been to all the haunted locations that everyone has talked about and many places that no one has heard of, The Baxter Ave Morgue we fount is the most active haunted place in Kentucky with solid proof of photos and videos of such a place, From full body apparitions to a chair flipping over on its own and radio shows canceled because of the activity , Even the owners and workers are afraid to go in to the Morgue because they had seen and heard things that scares them, Several people got scratched including 1 worker, This is just a little of the happens there, here’s the web site
    If you think you might be interested place email us or call us at 502-641-1988. This place has some awesome history.

  8. Hi there, thanks for stopping by Haunted San I’m glad you enjoyed the story about the bat in the opera house – I did too! Nice to “meet” you, I’m adding your logo to the Our Friends page on my site!

    Best wishes,


  9. Hi Haunted San Diego! THANKS for the logo add. I got you on our Links page, but if you have a logo I’d be happy to add that on our sidebar too.

  10. Dear Sir/Madam,

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    Sawita Connelly
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  11. Hello. There’s a channel I subscribe to on youtube that is videos from a paranormal group and their videos have recently been getting really popular and they are now a youtube partner paranormal channel, but anyways they have a new video that was uploaded today that I thought maybe you should put up on your website, well many of their videos are worthy of putting up on your site, but the newest one just really scared the hell out of me. The link to the video is…

    The video shows some kind of paranormal attack on a human, and its not one of those fake videos that people put on youtube just to scare people, this is a real group and I think thats why youtube made them a partner, but you should check out their channel Mass Most Haunted and put at least their newest video up on your website, it’s truly compelling if you ask me, and I’m not part of this group, just love the paranormal and visit your website often and thought I would tell you about it.

    – Lisa

  12. I’m looking for recommendations on voice recorders (EVP) suitable for recording ghost voices. Some places recommend certain audio characteristics and I’m trying to get sufficent quality equipment at reasonable prices. Can you help with that information? Apparently some voce recorders are better for this activity. Years ago you could pick up a simple tape recorder for 30 dollars. Now it seems the digital variety are easily over 100 dollars.

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  14. Hi Drew. Thanks so much for contacting me. Yes, of course, I’ll be happy to list your site. It’s exactly the kind I like to find. Thanks so much for stopping by and making me aware of it!

  15. We are working up Iowa Paracon 2012 for Aug. 24-25.
    This will be our first year. How can we get listed on your site? Farrar is a 90 year old school building near Des Moines that has been open to Paranormal investigations and Events for just over a year. We are building our “Guest” list and schedule. Please let us know if we can post with your site. Thanks, Jim Oliver

  16. THX for the tip on this Jim! I’ll see about writing up another post of events. You’re now the second one to come to my attention since I posted my other follow up piece about haunted events like this. Glad you let me know about yours!

  17. Mass Most Haunted uploaded some new videos to youtube of their ghost box sessions, and they reveal some compelling paranormal evidence and truly prove the existence of ghosts!

    Watch Their Latest Ghost Box Video:

    Check Out The Mass Most Haunted YouTube Channel:

    Real ghost videos that are well worth watching and all focused on showing the public the paranormal activity that goes on around all of us, every day!

  18. Hi,

    I wanted to get in contact as we are looking for places to host adverts for a number of our clients.

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  19. hi, my 30 year old son was on business in salt lake city last week. Staying at the radisson downtown. 5 days on the 14 th floor changed his mind on ghosts. His story is strange and upon research, this hotel was formerly the shiloh inn.
    Drawers that opened and closed all night, room trashed during the night, tv turned to the wall while he slept. He would put away his clothes only to find them tossed all over the room when he woke up, bed shaking, covers pulled off of him. On the last night, he packed his bags and during the night he awoke to his room being trashed again. His bags empty and scattered, ironing board on the bed. With his camera running he challenged the “ghost” to open the drawer, calling it a few names as well, the top drawer opened and he caught it all on video. A sleepless week was had, but he was not to frightened, he felt they were just children messing with him and with confirmation of that from the front desk, he began to mess with them right back.
    When he returned from his trip and told his stories and showed us photos and videos, we began looking into the hotel. Haunted to say the least.

  20. Oh Jana, this is such an interesting comment. THANK YOU for leaving it. It’s VERY uncanny how what you’re saying your son experienced I remember sensing…except for anything actually being disturbed (besides my sleep). I’d love to see the video he caught. Has he posted it anywhere?

  21. November 20th, 2012

    Dear Haunt Jaunts Staffers

    I live in San Pedro, California and I want to know if you know of any spooky places near me.

    Thank you,

    P.S. Someone once pointed out a pink apartment building on Peck Avenue just below the Lookout on Gaffey Avenue.(It’s called the Lookout because you can see the harbor and the newly anchored U.S.S. Iowa in the distance.) But that place isn’t larger than life, it’s just butt ugly and blah looking. What a disappointment. The only haunted place by me is this duddy menagerie.

  22. Hey Arthur! Thanks for stopping by. I’m sure there are tons of haunted places in San Pedro. (Nice place to live, btw. I used to go there with my dad as a kid and have fond memories of it there.) If you visit our Haunted Places page it lists links to sites that list haunted places and could probably help you figure out what haunts are near you.

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