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19 Horror and Paranormal Events and Conferences for 2012 and Beyond

Guess what season it is? Still Winter, technically. Ha! Did I getcha? Seriously though, I can tell Spring is drawing near. Lately I'm seeing more and more horror and paranormal events being advertised, something that's sort of dead in Winter (pun intended). Here's the ones I've seen so far. If they had

Haunt Jaunts 2011 Year in Review Travel Memories

What a year it's been! As 2011 draws to a close, the travel tally stands at: Four countries: Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and Turkey Two continents: Europe and Asia (Three if you count flying over Greenland, which I'm inclined to do because (a) the pilot flew low enough for us to see it,

Canon City’s Haunted Prison

I came across an article in my Google alerts called "A Night in a Haunted Museum." It caught my eye because it was about the prison in Canon City, Colorado. My husband's family on his mother's side all live down there. Before his grandma passed away we used to go down there

Cemetery Jaunts in Colorado

Being into the paranormal and a huge history enthusiast I have inevitably spent some time wondering around some really amazing cemeteries. I know that some people find cemeteries scary or sad, but I find them to be peaceful, full of energy, history, and sometimes ghosts. To walk around a cemetery

Haunted Hollywood and Its Haunted Actors

Mena Suvari is best known for the movie “American Beauty,” but this American beauty grew up and was raised in a home in Rhode Island the family believed was haunted. Her family reported seeing apparitions and hearing sounds. Neve Campbell is an American actress of Scottish ancestry who believes in

Cheeseman Park – Denver, CO

A BRIEF HISTORY ON MY CONNECTION WITH CHEESEMAN PARK I attended Cheeseman Academy from 1st grade through 6th. My class was the last to graduate from the school, in fact. Cheeseman Academy was situated on the fringe of Cheeseman Park. It was housed in a glorious old brownstone mansion. It had started