5 Reasons to Love Hop-On, Hop-Offs

Do you like HoHos? I don't mean the snack cake kind. (Which, sweet tooth sufferer that I am, amazingly enough I've never had an affinity for.) I'm talking about the touristy kind of HoHos, as in Hop-On, Hop-Off tours. Too Touristy? There are some travelers who find these sorts of tours too touristy.

Frightful Photo Friday: 3 Tips For Urban Exploration Photography

Today we're going to be talking about something a little different: Urban Exploration. Also known as Urbex, it's the hobby of entering old abandoned buildings or similar locations, and just exploring the heck out of them. Snooping in and out of rooms, going through objects left behind, exposing yourself to all

Addendum to Haunted New Orleans Trip Planning

When I shared the link about the reader seeking advice on trip planning to haunted New Orleans on HJ's Facebook page, I got a great comment from a Jaunter named Alyne. She lives in New Orleans and had some fantastic insights to share about enjoying the paranormal tourism there. She left

Travel Tech: The Beauty of Camera Cases

I had bought a new camera, a Sony Cybershot with 7x optical zoom, last August before we departed on our 10 day Canada/New England cruise. I loved my little Canon but the lens had been acting up. (Sometimes it was getting stuck upon start up which caused the camera not