Happy Paranormal Day 2017

Thanks to our handy Weird Holidays and Observances calendar, we know today, May 3rd, is Paranormal Day. Last year we threw a party here on Haunt Jaunts for Paranormal Day. We invited others to share their posts for a sort of blog hop. It was fun, but I didn't get my

The Be Skellie’s Valentine Giveaway

If you follow HJ on social media, you're well aware that last weekend I attended HAuNTcon and walked away with some new friends...and swag. So guess what that means? (If your answer isn't "giveaway," we've got problems...) The first people I met was in the registration line the first day. They

What You Need to Know about 2017’s Friday the 13ths

The New Year has begun and that means I'm updating some of the lists around here, like the Ghost Hunting & Etc. Events, Paracons & Horror Fests, and Calendar of Odd Dates pages. The last of which would would be incomplete without including 2017's Friday the 13th appearances, right? But 2017's