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Can You Help? Paranormal Group Collecting Donations to Benefit Cancer, Veterans & Mental Health

One of my sister's shared a post on Facebook with me the other day. It was from a post Toni Morris of The Cattaraugus County Ghost Hunters made on her Facebook page. Toni and her team are doing a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Well, that's one of the charities

2012 is Here!

Well, hello, 2012. It's very nice to meet you. Do you know the rumor circulating about you? That according to the Mayan calendar the world is supposed to end during you? On December 21st, specifically. Many don't buy into it. But many others do. Some have taken great pains to ensure

10 Super Freaky (and Freaking Awesome!) Pool Statues

Last week when I shared the Bigfoot, Aliens & Other Beasties link on HJ's Facebook page, I mentioned it'd be the first of about three Friday Fun posts featuring some of Design Toscano's coolest sculptures. (Which may now grow into four posts. I keep finding other sculpture genres to feature.) Anyway, for today's Design Toscano Friday

Madame Mroch’s Prognostications: “Brace Yourself, April is Upon Us”

  I can't help it. I'm obsessed with April. Specifically, the doom and chaos that seems to accompany it. Please Don't Take Offense Last year when I shared my view that April is a cursed month it put a lot of people off. I can see why some people with birthdays and anniversaries