Movie Monday: Netflix’s “Stranger Things”

Have you had a chance to watch any of Netflix's newest original, "Stranger Things," yet? If not, don't feel bad. It was just released this past Friday, July 15, 2016. However, brace yourself. You're likely to start hearing about it now that some viewers have had the weekend to binge watch it. And

Robert Downey Jr. to Star as Beetlejuice in Remake

There's long been talk (more like wishful thinking) that there'd a sequel to the hit 1988 Beetlejuice movie. So will there be, or won't there be? Beetlejuice 2 If you saw the Wynona Ryder interview with Seth Myers, you probably got excited that she seemed to confirm Beetlejuice 2 was happening. If you're

More to the New Ghostbusters Trailer Than Meets the Eye

Starting late yesterday evening social media started buzzing about the release of the new Ghostbusters trailer. (The movie is scheduled for a July 15, 2016 release.) Today it's blown up about it. This morning on Good Morning America they showed the movie's trailer and broke down the hidden clues careful viewers

Movie Monday: Krampus

I was browsing the trailers on Hulu as I sometimes like to do and saw one for a movie that immediately caught my eye: Krampus. It's not often we get treated to horror movies around the non-Halloween holiday season.  Except for around Valentine's Day. That's always a good time of year