Phantosmia: A Smelly Ghost Tour

Sadly I'm delinquent in writing up this post. The publicity team for Phantosmia contacted me last month about their kickoff event, which took place this past Saturday, October 3, 2015. I failed to write it up before now because I put everything on hold to fix the problems over at the

Jaunting to Dublin, Ireland

I don't know why, but Dublin evokes quintessential Irish city life in my mind. Whatever that means, since I've never been to Ireland before and "city life" isn't what most people associate with Ireland anyway. (Red-haired, hot-tempered, whiskey and Guinness drinkers with stories about Leprechauns who meet in the pub at

Jaunting to Cork, Ireland

The second stop on our British Isles cruise will take us to Cork, located in the southwest of Ireland. All I knew about Cork was what showed up in parenthesis on our cruise ship itinerary. (ie. "Cork, Ireland (cobh - For Blarney Castle") The Blarney Castle was familiar due to its Blarney

New Viator Tours Added to Ghost Tours Pages

We've been very busy around here updating pages. It started with the addition of the new Macabre and Unusual Tours page. It was while we were seeing what new tours our affiliates were offering that we discovered some didn't qualify as strictly your traditional ghost tour. Like the Plymouth Historic Cemetery

Elgin’s Graveyards New and Improved Tours

Historic Ghost Hunt Tours of Elgin, Illinois recently announced a new tour, Bluff City Cemetery Ghost Hunt Intensive, and an improved one, Elgin Cemetery Ghost Hunt Van Tour. The new Bluff City Cemetery Ghost Hunt Intensive is a three hour tour that meets at Bluff City Cemetery. They allow tour goers to