October 2016 Caption This Contest

Happy Halloween season!!! Before we get to the Caption This info and photo, let me tell you about what else we have going on around here this month. If you like contests and giveaways, be sure to stay tuned. We've got some great prizes and trophies we're going to be rewarding this

Weird Images in Honor of Wonderful Weirdos Day

According to our Weird Holidays and Observances calendar, today, September 9, is Wonderful Weirdos Day. Since it's also Friday, which we like to celebrate as Freaky Friday and/or Friday Fun whenever possible, we thought we'd have some fun sharing a few of the weirdest images we've come across from a couple

September 2016 Caption This Contest

Happy first day of September! Time for a new Caption This contest! But first... Have you seen our newest section? It's our Weird Holidays and Observances calendar. You might've seen similar calendars listing a whole bunch of bizarre, unusual, fun, wacky and strange dates. (Just about every day of the year seems to

Week in Weird’s Tin Foil Hat Challenge

Have you heard about Week in Weird's Tin-Foil hat Challenge? In a nutshell, it's a contest...where you could win a piece of the Amityville Horror House. If you dare own such a thing... Here's the details from Week in Weird's site: From now until Sunday, August 21, we’re issuing the Tin Foil Challenge: