Frightful Photo Friday: The Myths Surrounding Post Mortem Photography

I love anything vintage. Literally anything. Vintage homes, vintage clothing, vintage decorations, just the overall vintage aesthetic and you can count me in. And so, naturally, when I first stumbled upon Post Mortem Photography (also known as Memorial Photography and Mourning Portraits), I was immediately enamoured by the history. (Just a

The Phantom Bodies Exhibit

Valentine's Day was the last day for the Phantom Bodies: The Human Aura in Art exhibit at the Frist Center for Visual Arts. I've been meaning to write about the exhibit ever since we went to see it in early December, but...well, between the busy holidays and getting Shadow People

Shamans and Trance Mechanics

This post is by Steven Rumbelow. Before Priests, before medical doctors, before psychologists, before faith healers, before dancers, before singers, before actors, before magicians, before historians, before differences... there were Shamans. In those days to be a shaman was to be all of the above. They were the first actors but

The Strange Case of the Much Maligned Luminescent Orb

This post is by Steven Rumbelow. It's a huge subject. As usual, the skeptics paint everything with the same brush. Fact is that it's really easy to distinguish between orbs, lens anomalies, dust, reflected light and the real thing. Many of the non-phenomenal "orbs" captured on still cameras are lens shutter artifacts

Defining Paranormal “Evidence”

The other day on our Facebook page, a jaunter posted a picture of an "apparition" she "caught" (with her camera, of course, not her bare hands or some Ghostbusters-type contraption) at the La Fonda Hotel in New Mexico. It was intriguing, but an apparition? The skeptic in me wasn't ready