A couple of magazines that we read have Caption This contests that we love.  We got to thinking how that’d be something fun to do here on Haunt Jaunts.

How It Works

Each month we’ll publish a new Caption This post. We’ll aggregate the links here so it’ll always be easy for you to find. (See bottom of page.)

If that month’s photo inspires you, leave a comment with what you think the caption should be on that month’s post.

At the end of each month, we’ll pick the caption that tickles us most and award a prize.


What kind of contest would it be without prizes? (The only right answer to that is, “A crummy one.”)

Not that the prizes we’re offering are super, but hey. We’re working on a budget here. Besides, they’re better than a sharp stick in the eye!

Plus you’ll get to choose what you want from one of the following:

  1. $10 Amazon card
  2. $10 Starbucks card
  3. $15 iTunes card
  4. $15 Target card

Bonus for Newsletter Subscribers

We love our newsletter subscribers and we often show them extra appreciation when we run contests. Our Caption This contests will be no different.

Newsletter subscribers will get to pick two prizes.

That’s right. If the caption we like best comes from a newsletter subscriber, that could net them $20-$30 extra “cash” (in the form of whatever gift cards they choose) in their pocket.

So if you’re not a newsletter subscriber, but can see the advantages of becoming one, sign up here.


Winners will be announced in the comments on each Caption This post near the 1st of the following month. (So for a May contest, a comment announcing a winner will be posted near July 1.)

In some cases Honorable Mentions might be named. If so, they’ll be offered the option of receiving a snazzy Haunt Jaunts writing instrument. (ie. That’s our fancy way of saying we’ll mail a pen like the ones pictured below.)

HJ Pens

Winners will also be named in each month’s newsletter announcing that month’s contest.


Can I submit more than one caption/entry?

Yes! Just make sure we know they’re separate entries and not a great big run-on one.

I have an awesome photo. Can I submit it to you to use for a Caption This photo?

Sure! Send us an email at admin@hauntjaunts.net and we’ll give it a look over.

Note: The contest links below are not in order by date. The plugin I use to auto update them here does it alphabetically only.