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Can I, in Good Conscience, Send You Deep Into the Haunted Woods at Night?


It’s actually a little late to ask.  Caper Company’s first Haunt Spots ghost tour already does just that, if you opt to go after dark.  It includes a haunted trail to explore.  People who go at night report that it can be mighty scary if there are only two Explorers.  Parties of three and four going out at night are able to help each other be brave.  So, the answer is simple – I should just strongly suggest that parties of three or four are best if you’re going to go out after dark.  Done and done.  That takes care of that, right?

Not really.

I ponder this question because our upcoming tour route is much, much more in-depth in terms of ‘in the woods-i-ness’.  The final destination on tour 2 is a commitment.  When I write the stories and create your Capers, it’s with a daytime version of your Haunt Spot in mind.  I need to envision the same place at night and write for that experience as well.  Gulp!

When we researched this Haunt Spot, it was daylight (of course) and for a change, I was with two other researchers instead of just one.  Strength in numbers = Good.  Envisioning the same research trip happening at night invariably has an army going with me in my head.  I’d want to be surrounded by people armed to the teeth.  Armed with what, is another story.

It comes down to why you do this.  I love hitting the road, history, mystery, companionship of shared experiences, heightened senses, and reaching to feel whatever a place has to offer.  I’m not in it to be scared.  Much.  It’s an unavoidable occupational hazard, and it happens.  But, I’m not expressly in it to be frightened.  Some people are.  More power to you!  You go test those limits.  Just know that it’s your choice.

Oh, and you signed a waiver.

Pleasant Dreams,

Susan Scot Fry

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4 thoughts on “Can I, in Good Conscience, Send You Deep Into the Haunted Woods at Night?

  1. LOL! I loved how you ended with the waiver comment. Hysterical. But the more I read about your tour, the more I want to take one. This is something so up my alley! And self-guided is even better because in case I did get super freaked out, only me and whoever I was with (most likely my husband, he’s always with me) would see it. Saves the embarrassment!

  2. I so wish I were in your neck of the woods (literally). It sounds great! There’s nothing I love more than the woods at night, except the woods at night in autumn.

  3. I also wish you were closer because I would love to take this tour. I sometimes think that the forest and wooded areas are creepier than any haunted building.

  4. Road Trip! Of course, it’s my love of a good road trip that led me to create Haunt Spots. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the good thoughts.

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