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Big Week for Paranormal TV

I don’t know what’s going on, but this seems to be the week for the premier of new paranormal TV shows. Syfy’s leading the charge, but there’s also a dark horse you’d never suspect with a paranormal episode debuting: Planet Green.


  1. “Haven” – This “supernatural-drama series inspired by Stephen King’s “The Colorado Kid” debuted last week, but I forgot to set my DVR. Since I was up late messing with my blog changes, I was lucky enough to catch a rerun to remind me to record the episode I missed and set up a series recording. I haven’t been paying enough attention to it to make a decision whether I like it or not. It’ll have to wait until I have more time to watch with undivided attention. Catch it Fridays 9/10 c.
  2. “Mary Knows Best” – I had never heard of Mary Occhino before I started seeing ads for her new reality show. Apparently she’s an author, a radio host, a psychic intuitive, and mom of three. Honestly? She sounds like any of the other psychics I know. Her show doesn’t look that interesting to me, so I’m not sure I’ll watch. I’m going to wait and see what the buzz is before I decide whether to give it a chance or not. Catch the premier Thursday July 15 at 9/8 c.
  3. “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” – Now this is a show that looks very promising to me. Kind of what Ghost Hunters started out being to some extent. It’s maybe going to be a combo of Tosh 2.0 (in so far as they examine “evidence” posted on the Internet) meets Ghost Hunters meets Destination Truth. I’ll be looking forward to seeing their procedures and conclusions. Catch the premier Thursday July 15 at 10/9 c.


Syfy’s cornering Wednesday thru Friday with their paranormal TV line up, but this week Planet Green’s newest series “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” is taking a paranormal turn too.

Josh and Brent are the stars of “The Fabulous Beekman Boys.” They’re two city-dwellers who move to upstate New York to become organic farmers. The property they purchased includes the Beekman mansion, which was built by a Revolutionary Way soldier between 1802 and 1804 and has long been rumored to be haunted.

The episode airing this Wednesday is about a team of ghosthunters Josh and Brent hire to see if they can find evidence of Mary, a four-year-old girl who died in a barn fire on the property and is thought to be the primary spirit residing there. Apparently they caught some great video and audio recordings. It looks like it’d be a neat show to watch (and not only for the paranormal part of things).

Below is a trailer for this week’s episode. Catch it this Wednesday July 14 at 9/8 c.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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6 thoughts on “Big Week for Paranormal TV

  1. More stuff for the DVR looks like. I’ve heard of Mary. Moms who are psychic make their kids crazy! My son hated it. LOL!

  2. Agreed, Andrea! Here, Here!

    I’m looking forward to Fact or Faked too, Gabriel. I’ll be curious what you make of it.

    LOL Brenda! I scare my husband when I can tell him who’s calling without even needing to look at the caller ID, but my psychic reach rarely extends much further than that.

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