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Are They Angels or Ghosts?

I posted a new Discussions topic on the HJ FB Page: “Spirits Who Help: Ghosts or Angels?” Here’s what I posted there:

I’ve been contemplating this for a long time. I always enjoy the Guardian Angel stories in Woman’s World, but am sometimes perplexed by Doreen Virtue’s suggestions. She often seems to classify departed relatives who warn living loved ones of imminent danger or who appear in moments of stress and bring comfort are angels.

But then she’ll also say how the angels helped them deliver a message to the loved ones they left behind.

So which is it? Are they angels or ghosts? Can angels be ghosts too?

I once read a book (whose name now escapes me) that tried to distinguish between phenomenons where people were saved by angels rather than ghosts. That ghosts can warn of danger, but there are times an angelic hand was at work. (An example that come to mind is a school where angels supposed appeared and helped children out during some tragic event. Maybe it was a fire or a shooting. Some felt ghosts of loved ones had helped, but the author felt strongly that that was a prime examples of angels amongst us lending a hand.)

Anyway, today I saw someone Tweet a Doc Paranormal link about this very thing: Are Angels Human? The verdict reached there was angels are a separate kind of being and when humans die they don’t become angels.

What are your thoughts?

When I interviewed Jim and Joyce Lavene, they gave a great example of ghosts acting like angels:

Duck, and the rest of the Outer Banks, are filled with stories about ghost ships and pirates. This is the Graveyard of the Atlantic which kind of says it all! There are ghosts who walk the beaches, warning of storms, and ghosts who haunt the lighthouses.

Or maybe it really is angels, not ghosts, warning of storms?

I believe in both ghosts and angels. I am positive I’ve had divine help on more than one occasion.

However, then something Brenda (a.k.a. the Heart Centered Psychic) posted on Facebook reminded me of Sylvia Browne‘s belief in spirit guides and got me to wondering. What if the guardian angels I believe in are actually ghosts? Maybe Doc Paranormal’s expert is wrong that humans can’t become angels.

Or maybe they are two distinct and separate entities that share duties from time to time. I don’t know what to make of it all. I’d love to hear other thoughts on the matter if any who read this are so inclined.

Courtney Mroch
Courtney Mroch, otherwise known as HJ's Ambassador of Dark and Paranormal Tourism, is an author, traveler, and ghost enthusiast. When she's not writing, jaunting, or planning her next trip, it's a safe bet you'll find her in one of three places: on a tennis court somewhere, on a yoga mat somewhere, or watching a horror movie somewhere. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

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10 thoughts on “Are They Angels or Ghosts?

  1. I believe in both angels and ghosts. I don’t believe that when humans die they become angels. I believe angels where created by god to watch over humans. They aren’t ghosts or souls of the departed.

    Mommy D

  2. Most scriptures, whether they are Judeo-Christian or not, describe angels as seperate beings. I love comparative religion and the commonalities that can be found between faiths and cultures and this seems to be an archetype found. Angels are purely spiritual beings. Ghosts are spirits that were once earth bound. Of course, I know popular culture hold different view and it is really nice to think that your dead loved ones are now your guardian angels, but I just can’t believe that.

  3. Here is my perspective coming from both a spiritual and practical viewpoint…

    Jessica and Mommy D are both correct. While angelic being can present themselves in times of crisis to keep others from harms way; they have have nor ever will be persons who’ve passed. Persons who’ve passed and remain here (and some are tough to cross); are the truest meaning of ‘ghost’; as they are here and will not go for whatever reason.

    Spirits of those who’ve departed? Can and very often do bring messages; either to the individual who is paying attention or through an intermediary such as myself. But I always caution those who are unfamiliar with differentiating the three? To be very cautious. I still test spirits who come to me unsolilicited; even though, I’ve been this way since childhood.

    Regarding the Outer Banks; I both personally, professionally, and via investigations in the general area…. witnessed plenty of phenomena from Corolla on down to Ocrakoke. Most of the NC/VA areas I’ve been lived/ been in have history. So some may be residual energy? Some are active. In general; I notice, pay no mind, and go about business as usual.

    That? Is the perspective of the Heart Centered Psychic!

    Thanks, Courtney for the lovely mention!

    And as always? Mommy D and Jessica; your perspectives resonate loudly and clearly! 🙂

  4. Previous comment awaiting multiple moderations; and thought I’d add additional comments;

    1) I do not use ‘spirit guides.’

    2) As I do read Doc: I thought I’d review the response. Short and to the point with no dogma. No matter what you consider the Universal Creator to be; as long is it for the highest good?

    It’s perfect!

  5. I personally don’t believe in angels, but I would guess that they would have to be something separate. Most people that see them don’t know the figure–but trust him/her instinctively.

  6. I too believe that ghosts and angels are two separate entities. I’ve witnessed both, though I’ve only actually seen an angel once – at least that I know of.
    There is a totally different feel to them. I think our impressions are something we can trust a bit more than just ‘what we see’.
    When I saw my guardian angel I just knew who it was.
    The same goes for seeing a person who has died and come back for a visit. I see them instantly as a ‘person’. There was no way I would have mistaken one for the other.

  7. Wonderful comments everyone! You’re insights were really astute. It cleared up some confusion I’ve long held actually. Why didn’t I just ask you all sooner??? Ghosts are ghosts (of people who once were) and angels are angels (separate beings from humans).

    But now I want to know…what about when angels die? Do angels have ghosts???

  8. “What about when angels die?”

    I don’t think angels can die.

    and they can no longer die; for they are like the angels. They are God’s children, since they are children of the resurrection. Luke 20:36

  9. Real Ghosts,

    I will not discuss religion and/or beliefs, for many reasons. Most of all because I don’t believe this is the forum, as there are many beliefs and faiths that follow here. I honor that.

    But in response to your question? ANY entity has never lived; can therefore never die.

    I hope this helps!

    Heart Centered Psychic

  10. I suppose initially we have to define what a ghost really is. There are several theories from a ghost being a sort of recording that is played back when conditions are just right (stone tapes theory) to ghosts being the grounded spirits of the departed.
    To confuse things even further, many people believe that their guardian angel is someone who has died and now keeps an eye on them from the afterlife (I have a similar belief in this myself).
    I can’t say that I believe in the popular image of angels (ie, big, white,feather winged creatures with haloes).

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