Throw a Zombie Prom this New Year’s Eve!


Zombie Prom Queen Adult Womens CostumeZombie Prom Queen Adult Womens Costume

This is a guest post by Maddy Olson, who blogs on a variety of subjects that are deep topics and can change lives. Writing about the costume fun at is a very rewarding way to express her creativity and she absolutely loves it! Having four children of her own has allowed her to use the imagination she was gifted with and share that with you.


I know that October 31st has passed us by once again. *sigh*

However, start the New Year off with a…well, growl and throw an apocalyptic zombie prom! Being that it is 2012 and the end of the world is supposed to happen, this is the year to bring the zombies together! Be creative and have fun, I will try to leave you some links for inspiration.

Photo by Kevin Dooley

  •  Invitations:

This is really up to you. Sending plastic fingers in boxes, traditional paper invitations, or just sending an event over Facebook or other social media are probably the most common ways to go about it. However, you can take regular paper, rip it into pieces, crinkle it up and then flatten it out. Write out your party information on there as though a zombie was attempting to use their brain…Okay, maybe not their brain. Maybe they don’t have one. They are undead creatures, right? Anyway! Use fake blood and decorate the paper with fingerprints, handprints, or just random drops. They are easy to make, cheap to mail, and fun to look at. Don’t forget to specify that you want your guests to dress up!

  • Decorations:

Feel free to make your house appear like it was invaded by zombies during a party. Use stickers on visible windows that look like the glass is broken. Use a sponge and fake blood splattered on the front door so it appears your kind forced the door open. You might even leave the door cracked as your “zombies” arrive. Move the furniture around in your home to show signs of a struggle and tip photos on the wall so they look disheveled. Use colored lights to cast a creepy glow and download a collection of zombie music (or just try Pandora) to keep the mood lively and fun.

  • Food:

So zombies eat people. If your party invaded a house of people, they need to fill the table with their parts and pieces, right? The internet is a lovely place to search for all kinds of creepy dishes from meatloaf hands to Jello brains with strawberry sauce. Check out Pinterest also for additional ideas! For effect, serve food with no utensils!

  • Activities:

Holding a dance contest for the funniest zombie, awarding the prom king and queen for the night, and a zombie photo booth are all fun ways to pass the time. For a photo booth, set up a sheet over the doorway of an unused room or even make faux foam boards to cover that door up. Use a bench or some chairs to sit on in front of the background. Set a card table at arm’s length from the seating and place a laptop or desktop computer on it. Download some sort of photo booth software, there are many out there. You could consider using Zombie Booth, a very fun program that I have used on my tablet and creates zombie looks in seconds. Aim your webcam or monitor at the seating area, leave instructions on how to operate the system, whether it be pressing the space bar to snap the picture or using a mouse. Also tell them how to print them off via the printer that is hooked to your computer. That is a souvenir that people will love forever!

It really doesn’t take much to put together a zombie prom to ring out the old year and welcome the new! You don’t want to make it a prom? That is just fine! Zombies vs. Citizens is fun too! Give it a try, I hope you all have a rocking New Year!




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