Frightful Photo Friday: 20th Century Séances

A lot of things have changed since 1901, I think that’s fair to say. But, for the world of Spiritualism and seeking truth in the paranormal, the goals have remained the same, and it’s only the method of contact and recording said contact that has evolved. On top of that, the

Frightful Photo Friday: 3 Tips For Urban Exploration Photography

Today we're going to be talking about something a little different: Urban Exploration. Also known as Urbex, it's the hobby of entering old abandoned buildings or similar locations, and just exploring the heck out of them. Snooping in and out of rooms, going through objects left behind, exposing yourself to all

Frightful Photo Friday: The Cottingley Fairies

In a 1918 letter from Frances Griffiths to her friend, Johanna Parvin, living in South Africa, she said this: Dear Joe, I hope you are quite well. I wrote a letter before, only I lost it or it got mislaid. Do you play with Elsie and Nora Biddles? I am learning French,

Frightful Photo Friday: The History of Spirit Photography

When you hear the term Spirit Photography, your first instinct might be to immediately begin picturing ghost hunting shows on TV, or those orbs you once caught on your camera while touring a haunted house. But in reality, Spirit Photography usually refers to one certain period of time when photography was

Frightful Photo Friday: The Victorian Era’s Hidden Mothers

In last week’s photo installment we talked about The Myths Surrounding Post Mortem Photography. Today, we’re going to continue in this same time frame of the Victorian era and daguerreotype photography, but instead of the dead, we’re going to focus on the most energetic and lively of people: children. As we