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The Colorful Sea Creatures Lining Cozumel’s Rafael E. Melgar

This week I decided to do something a bit different and participate in Budget Travelers Sandbox‘s Travel Photo Thursday. I’ve long wanted to share some photos I took of the fun sea creatures I encountered while strolling along Rafael E. Melgar, a.k.a. Cozumel’s tourist area main street. This seems like a good excuse.

Hope you enjoy this offbeat venture into not-quite-haunted territory.

When I saw this happy whale, Starkist commercials from my youth popped into my head.

Mr. Maracas Octopus

I do believe she (he?) is blowing a seashell trumpet. That's something you don't see everyday.

This one was my favorite because I love turtles. He obliged me by posing for my camera and giving me a big gin. (Yes, I know he wears a perpetual grin and this wasn't special for me. Let me have my fantasy, okay?)

An example of how the sea creatures line the boulevard's sea wall. There's quite a few statutes and they go for quite a distance.

Sea creatures aren't all you'll find along the boulevard. There's also statues of important Mexican dignitaries. (Unfortunately I was more interesgted in the sea creatures so I didn't note the figure represented in this statue.)


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