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Look Who the Ghost Adventures Crew Is Hunting With Now

Dude! Aaron with some boney new bros. Courtesy of Travel Channel

Okay, so Zak, Nick, and Aaron of Ghost Adventures aren’t hunting with some boney new bros. They’re just messing around with some props like they always do.
However, this week they are back with all new episodes and they’re kicking off the first show of 2011 with celeb guest hunters: the Hollywood Ghost Hunters.  

GA and the Hollywood Ghost Hunters; courtesy of Travel Channel

However, unlike some other popular ghost hunting shows (that shall remain nameless) that also host celebrity guest ghost hunters, these guests are not only famous unto themselves but are actually ghost hunters too. (Hallelujah and bravo to GA for not just having celebs on for celebrity sake!)  

They Hollywood Ghost Hunters are comprised of horror film hotshots. They’ve either starred in or worked on some of the best known horror movies ever made (or re-made, as is now the trend). We’re talking Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc. 

HGH was founded by Kane Hodder (“Jason” From Friday the 13th) and stuntman Rick McCallum. They, along with their team member, R.A. Mihailoff (“Leatherface” from Texas Chainsaw Massacre III), will accompany Team GAC on their investigation of the Pico House Hotel in Los Angeles –the very first paranormal lockdown for the hotel!  

Apparently Pico House was the scene of a brutal, bloody, racially charged riot in 1880 which left 19 people dead right outside the hotel. People believe the residual energy of the violence that resulted still lingers today and fuels the paranormal activity reported in the area.

Together the Ghost Adventures crew and the Hollywood Ghost Hunters will investigate this California hot spot.

Below is a clip that gives you a sneak peek of the episode. It’s where Zak is talking to Kane and Rick about how they formed their group.

And I have to add, I was enthralled just from this clip. I’ll tell you what, I’m crushing a little (actually a lot) on Rick. I hope the Hollywood Ghost Hunters get picked up with their own show. I’d like to see more of these guys. (Especially Rick. Hubba hubba. Now that’s what I call a man!)


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