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Does Aaron Get Possessed during the Ghost Adventures Investigation of the Villisca Axe Murder House?

Photo courtesy of Ghost Adventures

It was a bright and sunny day…

That doesn’t sound like the start of a malicious or scary story, does it? But look at Aaron in that photo. What a face! He sure looks possessed.

But he’s not. As they’re prone to at some point in their investigations he’s just goofing around.

Photo courtesy of Ghost Adventures

Hard to believe that in such a modest, charming home eight people, six of them children, were brutally hacked to death by an unknown killer one still June night in 1912. The crime was never solved and the murderer never caught.

Is the house now haunted by the souls whose lives were so violently snatched from them? That’s what many believe. Zak, Nick, and Aaron hope to use the latest technology to try and make contact. Perhaps they’ll reveal new evidence that could help solve the case and bring peace to the ghosts haunting the house.

Here’s a clip from tonight’s episode. It seems they do make contact, and perhaps even with some of the children who were murdered.


  • I was just wondering after watching the clip above and I never thought about this before but why do ghost wait for someone to ask a question before they can answer it as Zak showed in the clip? To me it would seem that they would always be talking or saying something to get someones to listen. And they say that ghost draws from energy and again I thought Then why don’t ghost hunters investagate power plants where there is tons of energy? I don’t know just thinking out load. Keep Hunting Jack

  • Those are interesting observations, Jack! LOL re the power plant! I wonder if any have ever been investigsated before?

  • my cousion lives two house down from the villisca ax murder house 

  • my cousion lives two house down from the ax murder house. i stop to see the house every time i go up to iowa 

  • no power plants have been investigsated before. i saw one of the ax murder house kids she was 9 years old her name was katherine

  • the killers name is andy he killed the eight people at the ax murder house in villisca iowa 

  • Did they catch the killer? I didn’t think they had. Where did you hear the name was Andy? That must be neat to see the house in person. And to be so close to it! Does it get a lot of traffic? 

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